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Rumors of serial rapist have women turning to AG & AG for information

Although the Cypress TX chapter of A Girl and A Gun has only had one event, their numbers are growing rapidly due to rumors of a serial rapist in the area. Women have turned to AG & AG for information about pistol classes, information on how to obtain a CHL, and discussions on personal safety.

AG & AG Founder Julianna Crowder responded to the Cypress community. She said, “I know there has been some scary stuff happening in your community as of late and want to encourage you all to participate when you can in our events and clinics. Our mission is to have fun in the shooting sports, but learning how to be safe with firearms and self defense goes hand in hand. Never live in fear, always live in confidence.”

All women should have situational awareness at all times by watching their surroundings. Explore options for lethal and nonlethal use of force, and practice and develop your self-defense skills.

Cypress facilitator Tammy Hunter provides opportunities for private shooting lessons. She also schedules AG & AG events, where women can come together for practice, information, and support.

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