Leadership Summits • Quarterly Training

A rising tide lifts all ships! These quarterly packages let you log in for leadership development from your home! Expand your knowledge, grow your chapter, and get motivated and inspired. Over the upcoming quarters, here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Know A Girl & A Gun Policies
  • Market & Grow Your Chapter
  • Build a Positive A-Team
  • Introduce Clinics and Workshops
  • Coordinate a Quarterly Match
  • Expand Your Professional Resume
  • Offer Events Online and In-Person
  • Confidently Manage Press and Media
  • Maximize Your Range Relationships
  • Manage Participants Effectively
  • Create Fliers to Market Your Events
  • Use Technology to Reach Clients
  • Increase Revenue as an Instructor
  • Grow as a Leader and Mentor

Business Booster

When you register for the quarterly Business Booster, you get tools, ideas, and inspiration for running your chapter! You’ll have access to the latest video collection on AGAGTraining.com on topics that help you grow your chapter, run your events, and be a better instructor. AND as a BONUS, you will receive some promotional items from HQ to use as prizes, giveaways, and incentives to grow your chapter!


1Q2021 Business Booster
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A Girl & A Gun makes the distinction to not only welcome new shooters, but to have qualified leaders who can train them to be safe gun owners, skilled marksman, and competitive shooters. The organization developed this program to help Facilitators and A-Team meet the unique needs of AG & AG members. The AG & AG Leadership Development Program provides training on the unique lifecycle of an AG & AG member: getting new women to the range and putting guns in their hands for the first time, showing them the basics of marksmanship and introducing range etiquette, cultivating skills and involvement, and introducing shooting sports and competition for long-term participation. AG & AG Facilitator Development events provide consistent and recurring training for the AG & AG leadership team.

Training sessions will be take place on AGAGTraining.com. Access to the collection will given via email on the start date.