Facilitator Development Presented by Academy Sports

A Girl & A Gun makes the distinction to not only welcome new shooters, but to have qualified leaders who can train them to be safe gun owners, skilled marksman, and competitive shooters. The organization has developed a training program for the leadership team to be able to meet the unique needs of AG & AG members.

The AG & AG Facilitator Development Program provides training on the unique lifecycle of an AG & AG member: getting new women to the range and putting guns in their hands for the first time, showing them the basics of marksmanship and introducing range etiquette, cultivating skills and involvement, and introducing shooting sports and competition for long-term participation. AG & AG Facilitator Development events provide consistent and recurring training for the AG & AG leadership team.

The Cornered Cat
Kathy Jackson of The Cornered Cat mentors our leaders and ensures that we are putting forth the best firearms education possible at our local chapter events within the boundaries of how A Girl & A Gun operates. Facilitators attend intense sessions that include teaching tips and training tricks that bring out excellence in our team to pass on and teach the best defensive handgun skills for our beginning and intermediate participants at AG & AG events. On the range and in the classroom our leadership team learns more than they ever thought possible about:

  • Event management, focusing on safety;
  • Getting the most out of your teaching time;
  • Principles of adult learning;
  • How, when, and whether to demonstrate shooting skills for students;
  • The best hands-on way to teach trigger control;
  • Methods to spot shooting errors as soon as they happen;
  • Ways to correct errors without discouraging women; and
  • Multiple ways to coach students toward excellent performance, regardless of the personal challenges they bring with them.

See Your Possibilities
Kelley Moore of See Your Possibilities is another key resource for our leaders to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill the A Girl & A Gun mission, purpose, and vision. Facilitators are 50% firearms instructors and 50% coaches, who welcome new and experienced shooters to girl-friendly events, make strangers feel like sisters, and encourage women to step out of their comfort zones and tackle new challenges. Our leadership team is given skills to help them be better Facilitators with training on the following topics:

  • Knowledge of communication styles and understanding the styles of others;
  • Enhance chapter engagement and increase collaboration;
  • Translate nonverbal clues and “hear” the real message;
  • Gain clarity about your opportunity to empower women in your community;
  • Engage and enroll others with enthusiasm and confidence;
  • Take away secrets and shortcuts to grow your chapter quickly;
  • Gain the skills necessary to create and cultivate relationships; and
  • Execute strategies to handle difficult situations (and people).

The Facilitator Development Program reflects the organization’s mission to provide ongoing advanced-level instructor training for chapter leaders. It is designed to support A Girl & A Gun chapter leaders as they acquire the knowledge, skills, and wisdom that enables them to be more productive, self-directed, and passionate in their personal and professional lives.

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