Prioritized Leader

The Prioritized Leader Framework: The priorities needed to truly succeed in life *and* your AG & AG business.

purpose: It’s about knowing and living the “why” of AG & AG, being able to articulate a clear and compelling future. The currency is vision and values.
people: The level of health and productivity we have with our AG & AG sisters, range and industry colleagues and connections. The currency is encouragement and accountability.
pace: Discerning how fast (or slow) your chapter and business needs to move to sustain long-term success, capitalize on opportunities, and preserve capital. The currency is time and energy.
perception: Choosing a growth mindset, staying open to creative solutions and new ideas. The currency is insight and innovation.
profit: The effective management, investment and release of resources. The currency is dollars and cents.

Registration open to all current Chapter Facilitators and A-Teamers.

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Mindset Master

Mindset Master™️ impeccably prepare to be their best under stress – technically, mentally, and emotionally. They know how to be their best during the most important moments and greatest challenges of their lives. You can learn to be your best when it counts the most, too. During the most important events in your life are you relaxed and confident, or anxious and fearful? The more you gain control of your thoughts – and emotions and mindset – and technically prepare when going into an important or challenging situation, the more likely you are to create the best outcome.

AG & AG Mindset Master™️ certification is a 1-year masterclass that provides an in-depth understanding of your unique mindset and equips you with tools to increase self-awareness, conquer limiting beliefs, build a supportive BOS (Belief Operating System), manage your emotions under pressure, and shift the way you think about challenges, changes, and choices.

Registration open to all current AG & AG Facilitators and Members.

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A Girl & A Gun makes the distinction to not only welcome new shooters, but to have qualified leaders who can train them to be safe gun owners, skilled marksman, and competitive shooters. The organization developed this program to help Facilitators and A-Team meet the unique needs of AG & AG members. The AG & AG Leadership Development Program provides training on the unique lifecycle of an AG & AG member: getting new women to the range and putting guns in their hands for the first time, showing them the basics of marksmanship and introducing range etiquette, cultivating skills and involvement, and introducing shooting sports and competition for long-term participation. AG & AG Facilitator Development events provide consistent and recurring training for the AG & AG leadership team.

Training sessions will be take place on AGAGTraining.com. Access to the collection will given via email on the start date.