Friendly and Certified Firearms Training for Women Since 2011

Leadership Development​

A Girl & A Gun makes the distinction to not only welcome new shooters, but to have qualified leaders who can train them to be safe gun owners, skilled marksman, and competitive shooters. The organization developed this program to help Facilitators and A-Team meet the unique needs of AG & AG members. The AG & AG Leadership Development Program provides training on the unique lifecycle of an AG & AG member: getting new women to the range and putting guns in their hands for the first time, showing them the basics of marksmanship and introducing range etiquette, cultivating skills and involvement, and introducing shooting sports and competition for long-term participation. AG & AG Leadership Development events provide consistent and recurring training for the AG & AG leadership team.

On-Demand Training

We’re bringing training to you! The AG & AG video library has leader-specific training courses to help you with a variety of tasks. From chapter management to instructor development, the library is a quality resource for our leaders.

In addition, AG & AG hosts a monthly Facilitator Forum with announcements and information to help you grow your chapter and/or your instructor business. All recordings are available in the library.

USCCA Instructor Getaway​

Become a USCCA Instructor with A Girl & A Gun at USCCA HQ! Experience the USCCA culture first-hand and earn your CCHDF instructor credential. With this certification, you will have access to the USCCA classroom materials for the Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals course, as well as additional courses you can use to monetize your time.

August 12-16, 2024: West Bend, WI

National Conference

One full day (Tuesday) is devoted to Leadership Development to help you run your chapters. Then, throughout the Conference weekend (Friday-Sunday), several sessions are dedicated to Instructor Development to help you be a better firearms educator. With a specific train-the-trainer focus, these sessions are designed for you!

April 25-29, 2024: Grand Junction, CO

AG & AG Instructor Getaways​

Join AG & AG Director of Training Tatiana Whitlock on the range for exclusive AG & AG training!

About Leadership Development

A Girl & A Gun is proud to offer continuing education to our leadership team to help you be the best instructors and coaches possible. The Leadership Development opportunities are Girls Getaways for our Chapter Facilitators and/or A-Team members to receive train-the-trainer level instruction, make industry connections, and, in some cases, earn professional credentials.

Some events are open to A-Teamer in addition to Chapter Facilitators. Instructor Development courses are reserved for leaders who possess the Instructor credential.

In some cases, our leadership Girls Getaways do provide a professional credential. 


Thank you to the following partners for providing funds and/or donations to make this event possible! If you are interested in putting your brand name in front of women shooters, in our event photos, and on merchandise that they take home, become a sponsor.


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Cancellations and Refunds
Life happens and sometimes last-minute situations arise that can prevent you from attending. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide refunds as time goes on and our vendors and service providers have been paid. Therefore, a $50 administrative fee will be charged for any cancellation. Within 45 days of the event, there will be no refunds for registration fees or event-related items if you discover that you are unable to attend. In some cases, registrations may be transferred to another participant and you may try to find someone who may want to pay you for your spot.