Virtual Girls Nights Out

Join us online for Girl’s Night Out! This is your chance to log in for firearms training straight from your home! Expand your knowledge, hone your pistol skills, and get motivated and inspired. We will be working out of the Shooting Journal, so you can follow along. Login for 90 minutes of sisterhood and fun! Here are the topics that will be covered:

  • 1st Tuesdays: Journal Value of the Month
  • 2nd Thursdays: Occasional Bonus Topics
  • 3rd Thursdays: Pistol Skill of the Month
Virtual GNO dates:
  • 1/4/22: Kathleen Robinson on January’s Journal Value
  • 1/13/22: Tes Salb on Fitness Goals for 2022
  • 1/20/22: Tatiana Whitlock on January’s Pistol Skill
  • 2/1/22: Karen Cose on February’s Journal Value
  • 2/10/22: Mark Passamaneck on Verbal De-Escalation
  • 2/17/22: Tatiana Whitlock on February’s Pistol Skill
  • 3/1/22: Julie Park on March’s Journal Value
  • 3/17/22: Tatiana Whitlock on March’s Pistol Skill
  • 4/5/22: Lisa Ludwig on April’s Journal Value
  • 4/21/22: Tatiana Whitlock on April’s Pistol Skill
  • 5/3/22: Dakota Adelphi on May’s Journal Value
  • 5/12/22: Umarex Team on Training with Airsoft
  • 5/19/22: Tatiana Whitlock on May’s Pistol Skill
  • 6/7/22: Shannon Mauldin on June’s Journal Value
  • 6/16/22: Tatiana Whitlock on June’s Pistol Skill
  • 7/5/22: Brenda Rath on July’s Journal Value
  • 7/14/22: Tac Med Training
  • 7/21/22: Tatiana Whitlock on July’s Pistol Skill

Live Stream Access

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Livestream will occur from 6pm – 7:30pm Central Time, per the published schedule, above. After the GNO concludes, commenting on the video will be disabled; however, the presentation will be available for one additional week for members to view at your leisure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the cost to attend an AG & AG Virtual GNO?
A: The events are free to attend.

Q: Is membership required to attend an AG & AG Virtual GNO?
A: Yes, participants must be members of A Girl & A Gun. Membership will be authenticated before entering the Facebook group.

Q: Why are Virtual GNOs being hosted on Facebook?
A: A vast majority of our members are familiar with the functionality and ease of Facebook groups.

Q: Can I participate if I don’t do social media?
A: If you would like to attend and do not have a Facebook account, you can create one for free. Facebook is accessible through any Internet browser; you do not need to install any apps on your computer or mobile device. If you have previously avoided Facebook due to privacy concerns, you can create an anonymous Gmail address and use it to create your Facebook profile with a pseudonym. Please let us know your pseudonym, so that we can authenticate your membership and give you access to the group.

Q: Are the presentations available longer than one week?
A: Presentations may become available later for a fee.

Q: What are the rules of attending?
A: All terms, rules, and guidelines apply per the A Girl & A Gun Virtual Training Terms of Service. Whether your training is self-guided or via video, you are solely responsible for the safety of yourself, your equipment, and your space.