Through AG & AG’s network of caring and qualified instructors, events and clinics, and training opportunities, members are able to:

  • Learn the safe use of a firearm in a fun, girl-friendly atmosphere!
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that women shooters make.
  • Promote through marksman programs to measure your improvement.
  • Explore scenarios to improve conceal carry and competition skills.
  • Get out of the house, try new challenges, and make new friends.
  • Practice your skills so that you are prepared to respond to a threat.

Become a member of the fastest growing women’s shooting club in the nation and receive:

  • Chances to win in our quarterly Member Appreciation Giveaways
  • Informative emails with weekly training tips on Tuesdays and industry news on Fridays
  • Our innovative Shooting Journal designed specifically for women
  • Shopping discounts from over 100 Vendor Partners
  • $5 off all AG & AG apparel and hats
  • Discounts on range fees (where applicable)
  • Access to our National Conference
  • Ability to attend our regional Girl’s Getaways
  • Entry into the Quarterly Match
  • Fitness encouragement through the Push-Up Challenge
  • Squadding with other ladies at major matches through our Competitive Edge Program
  • Printable booklets, The Four Rules by Kathy Jackson and Basic Pistol Skills by Lynn Givens
  • Personalized AG & AG designer name tag when you first become a member
  • Official membership card when you join, and an updated card when you renew
  • Swag and goodies in your new member packet, renewal packet, and all National events hosted by HQ!

Join our sisterhood and become a member today!