Fall Festival

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Join us in the stunning natural preserve of Rockcastle Shooting Center for a competition like no other. This is your chance to gather with exceptional women! This is not just about winning prizes, although that is an bonus; this is about strengthening our sisterhood, getting motivated as athletes, and building a strong female presence in the world of competitive shooting sports.

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Registration for 2017 is closed. Registration for 2018 match (to be held Oct 5/6, 2018) will open 12/1.

Q: “Do you have to be a member of AG & AG to participate?”
A: No! All women are welcome! AG & AG members get $25 off match fees. Not a member? Join today!

Junior Shooters:

Q: “Who is a junior shooter?”
A: Girls 10-17.

See Cancellation and Refund Policy, below.

The Brownell’s Ladies’ Multigun Fall Festival includes:

  • 8 Exciting Stages
  • 2 Side Matches
  • Squad Moms & Coaches
  • Firearm-Specific Clinics
  • Valuable Prize Table
  • Retail Village
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Industry Networking

As part of the event, we are very happy to offer firearm-specific clinics instructed by professionals that are experienced competitors in various shooting sports. Clinics will address specific techniques and skills that will benefit you in the match. We will also have speakers, product demos, and sessions on everything from shooting skills to personal development.

Instructors: Ashley Rheuark, Aaron Hayes, Candice Horner, Dianna Muller, Heather Miller, Janna Reeves, and Tina Martin-Nims


Oct 4, 2017 – Early Registration, Clinics, Staff Match


Oct 5, 2017 – General Registration, Clinics, Stage Reviews, Staff Match


Oct 6, 2017 – Match Day 1 and Side Matches


Oct 7, 2017 – Match Day 2, Side Matches, and Awards Presentation


Oct 8, 2017 – Optional Adventure Day

The Match days are Friday/Saturday. Plan to arrive early for exceptional clinics offered by industry professionals on Wednesday. All match participants are encouraged to arrive on Thursday for registration and stage review. For those that would like to register for a guided stage review with a pro shooter, register in the clinics. The match will conclude on Saturday night with an awards presentation.

Make your plans! This year: Oct 6/7, 2017. Next year: Oct 5/6, 2018!

1. Pistol Mountain: Shotgun Only

2. Bath House: Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle

3. Cowboy Town: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

4. Tobacco Barn: Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle

5. The Ridge: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

6. Bridges (Formerly The Boat, Cars): Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle

Stage Design PDF

7. Bat 21: Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol

8. Sabre Range: Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun

What is the Round Count?

Pistol: 144 + or -
Rifle: 108 + or -
Shotgun (Bird): 144 + or -
Shotgun (Slug): 8 (actual)

Many stages have options, so each competitor's actual round count will depend on her personal strategy. PAPER targets can be shot with a rifle, pistol, or shotgun slug. STEEL KNOCK OVER PLATES can be shot with a pistol or shotgun bird shot. CLAY targets may only be shot with a shotgun bird shot. Designated SLUG targets may only be shot with a shotgun slug. Designated long-range PISTOL targets may only be shot with a pistol.

Clinics: Each clinic's description designates the rounds needed for that 3-hour block. Depending on how many clinics you attend, you will need to refer to the descriptions to make sure you have enough ammo on hand for your clinics.

Side Matches: Gunfighter: Round Count: 8 pistol, 10 shotgun, 10 rifle (per 3-person team). Red Stitch: Round Count: 18 pistol.


Room blocks have been reserved for competitors at the following locations:
Park Mammoth Resort (shown, left) 585 Park Mammoth Rd. Park City, KY 42160 (270) 749-4101 $80/night
Super 8 799 Mammoth Cave St, Cave City, KY 42127 270-773-3161 $55/night for a single and $60/night for a double
Days Inn 102 Gardner Ln, Cave City, KY 42127 270-205-4799 $55/night for a single and $60/night for a double
Comfort Inn 819 Sanders St, Cave City, KY 42127 (270) 773-3335 $80/night Sleep Inn & Suites 801 Mammoth Cave St, Cave City, KY 42127 (270) 773-2030 $80/night

Mention ‘A Girl & A Gun’ or AGAG.

Food Service

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are available for purchase at the Lookout Restaurant at Park Mammoth Resort.
  • Several local area restaurant and national chains for additional food service choices.
  • Water will be provided on all stages, bring a water bottle.
  • Bring additional snacks and drinks you may need throughout the day.

Sunday is your day to travel home, or spend the day with ziplining, horseback riding, and taking cave tours… or head to Bowling Green or Nashville to explore the many attractions of the area.

Thank you to the following supporters for providing funds and/or donations to make this event possible! If you are interested in putting your brand name in front of women shooters, in our event photos, and on merchandise that they take home, become a sponsor.

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Cancellations and Refunds
Life happens and sometimes last-minute situations arise that can prevent you from attending. Unfortunately we will be unable to provide refunds as time goes on and our vendors and service providers have been paid. Therefore, refunds will be given on the following scale: 11/1/16 – 1/31/17: 80%; 2/1/17 – 6/30/17: 50%; 7/1/17 – 8/31/17: 25%; 9/1/17: $0. After 8/31/2017, there will be no refunds for match registration fees, clinics, or match-related items if you discover that you are unable to attend. Registrations may be transferred to another participant, and we will be happy to help you find someone who may want to pay you for your spot.

Learn more about Sponsorship Opportunities.