A Girl & A Gun Book Club

Jump into books that you might not otherwise read and expand your window to the world by discussing important topics with women from around the country!

The AG & AG Book Club gives you the chance to expand your literary tastes, gain knowledge from authors and others, and dive deeper into topics about self defense, mindset, safety, violence, and strength.

Providing opportunities for intellectual growth is another example of how AG & AG is living the motto that “It’s More Than Shooting!”

Group Discussion

Our Monthly Virtual Meeting takes place on the last Thursday of each month at 6pm Central Time.

Members can instantly join our discussion group and submit comments to the authors. Please log in to check your status or join today! If you are logged in with an active membership and are unable to see the download links, hit F5 on your keyboard (or cmd+R on a Mac) to refresh the page.

Book List


  • January 2022 (Accepting): Spotting Danger Before It Spots You by Gary Dean Quesenberry
  • February 2022 (Gracious): Conflict Communication by Rory Miller
  • March 2022 (Impactful): Escape the Wolf by Clint Emerson
  • April 2022 (Real): The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
  • May 2022 (Learning): What Every Body Is Saying by Joe Navarro
  • June 2022 (Adventurous): Becoming Bulletproof by Evy Poumpouras & Creepology by Anna Valdiserri
  • July 2022 (Noteworthy): Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training by Karl Rehn & Free of Malice by Liz Lazarus (fiction)
  • August 2022 (Determined): Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • September 2022 (Adaptable): When Violence Is the Answer by Tim Larkin
  • October 2022 (Generous): A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purnell
  • November 2022 (Unselfish): Selfish to Selfless: 5 Pillars to Fulfillment Through Purpose by Keegan Schaefer, Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley
  • December 2022 (Necessary): The Prepper’s Blueprint by Tess Pennington


  • January 2021 (Accepting): Games People Play by Eric Berne
  • February 2021 (Gracious): DryFire Reloaded by Ben Stoeger
  • March 2021 (Impactful): Why Meadow Died by Andrew Pollack
  • April 2021 (Real): The Unthinkable by Amanda Ripley
  • May 2021 (Learning): The Law of Self Defense by Andrew Branca
  • June 2021 (Adventurous): Choose Adventure by Greg Ellifritz
  • July 2021 (Noteworthy): Deadly Force by Massad Ayoob
  • August 2021 (Determined): Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales
  • September 2021 (Adaptable): Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by Jason Hanson
  • October 2021 (Generous): The Gun Rights War by Neal Knox
  • November 2021 (Unselfish): Concealed Carry Class by Tom Givens (book review)
  • December 2021 (Necessary): Practical Shooting by Brian Enos


  • August 2020 (Determined): The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker (book review)
  • September 2020 (Adaptable): Left of Bang by Patrick Van Horne (book review)
  • October 2020 (Generous): More Guns Less Crime by John Lott
  • November 2020 (Unselfish): The Cornered Cat by Kathy Jackson
  • December 2020 (Necessary): Violence of Mind by Varg Freeborn