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Here is your chance to compete on a national level in your own backyard — for cash prizes and bragging rights! The AG & AG Quarterly Match is held at one of your regularly scheduled chapter events. Each Match event will be predetermined by the National Match Director to ensure that it is fair for all chapters (See “Scoring and Rules,” below). Register to participate in the competition so that your scores can be compiled across all of our members! The more members that register the larger the pot, and the more YOU could win! Good luck!

Practice Targets

Quarterly Match

Second Quarter 2017 Deadline: June 30, 2017

Not yet a member? Click here to join! Expired membership? Check your status. See Scoring and Rules, below.

Scoring and Rules

Second Quarter 2017

Registration Deadline: All entrants for this quarter’s match must shoot prior to July 1, 2017, and must be AG & AG active members throughout the quarter.

Facilitators’ Deadline: Scores must be submitted via email to the Match Director by July 8, 2017.

Items Needed for Match: AG & AG Match Target #2 (provided by facilitator), “3 stage” chapter score sheet (provided by Match Director), and standard shot timer (no smart phone apps allowed).

Stage: 18 rounds total at an AG & AG logo’d target at 21 feet (7 yards). This is a Limited Vickers match with no more than 6 rounds per stage. Begin at a low ready with finger outside of the trigger guard.

  • String 1 – Load 6 rounds. Shooting with both hands, starting on the dueling plates, put two shots on the second to top blue dueling plate and one shot on the top blue dueling plate, then two shots on the second to top green dueling plate and one shot on the top green dueling plate.
  • String 2 – Load 6 rounds. With your right hand only, from the right column of targets, put two shots in the blue bordered square and one shot in the green circle, then two shots in the bottom blue filled square and one shot in the top blue filled square.
  • String 3 – Load 6 rounds. With your left hand only, from the left column of targets, put two shots in the green bordered square and one shot in the blue circle, then two shots in the bottom green filled square and one shot in the top green filled square.

Scoring: Chapter and national winners will have the fastest times. There is a 3 second penalty for missing the intended shape. If a shot hole touches the shape, it counts as a hit. There will also be a 5 second procedural penalty for not following the course of fire, for example shooting the plates out of order.

Firearms: This is a back-up gun (BUG) match. Handguns only with no scopes or laser sights. Semi-automatic pistols must have a barrel length of 3.8” or less and revolvers must have a barrel length of 3” or less.

Fees: Entry fee is $14 with $7 going to the chapter winner’s pot, $5 going to national winner’s pot and $2 to HQ for administrative costs. Facilitators may charge up to $1 for a target fee at the time of the match.

Prizes: There will be one overall winner for each chapter. There will be three national winners – first, second, and third place – where the national pot will be divided with 50% going to the first place winner, 30% to the second place winner, and 20% to the third place winner. There will be youth category with a first, second and third place winner nationally. There will be a facilitator category with a national first place winner. There will be one $25 gift certificate to the A Girl & A Gun online store given to randomly selected participants for every 50 participants shooting the match. Checks will be issued for cash prizes over $20; prizes under $20 will be awarded in credit on AGirlandAGun.org.

Directions: Purchase your match fee here. At your chapter’s match event, show your facilitator your online receipt (and pay up to $1 for the target, as applicable). After you shoot the stage, your facilitator will compile your chapter’s results and email them to the National Match Director.

Good luck!

You can find most of our past Match winners here.