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Quarterly Match

Here is your chance to compete on a national level in your own backyard — for cash prizes and bragging rights! The AG & AG Quarterly Match is held at one of your regularly scheduled chapter events. Each Match event will be predetermined by the National Match Director to ensure that it is fair for all chapters (See “Scoring and Rules,” below). Register to participate in the competition so that your scores can be compiled across all of our members! The more members that register the larger the pot, and the more YOU could win! Good luck!

Test Your Skills

Practice a variety of skills, like 1-handed shooting, reloading mid-shoot, shooting on the clock, etc.​

Have a Blast​

Shoot with your friends. Turn fear into adrenaline. Have the courage to try -- it's much better than never having tried at all! ​

Win the Purse​

If you win, you get bragging rights -- plus money to spend on the next quarterly match or buy a cool shirt! ​

Dates & Agenda​

  • 1Q: 1/1-3/31
  • 2Q: 4/1-6/30
  • 3Q: 7/1-9/30
  • 4Q: 10/1-12/31

Scores must be submitted by the Chapter Facilitator.
Match Director must receive scores within six days of quarter’s end.


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About the Quarterly Match

The Quarterly Match is a nationwide competition among members of A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League. Facilitated during a regularly scheduled event, such as a Girl’s Night Out, shooters can experience a competitive atmosphere: understanding the course of fire, match commands, operation of the shot timer, and scoring. The match allows new shooters to overcome mental barriers to participating in competitive shooting and gives experienced shooters the ability to test their skills in a casual, familiar environment.
The goal of the Quarterly Match is to inspire women to try competitive shooting. The match is a simple 3-string drill on the clock that gives them incentives to improve and helps them grow in their personal shooting journey. Experienced competition shooters are always welcome to participate and help those new to competition understand the course of fire, match commands, shot timer, scoring and explore matches outside of the chapter. Winners of the match receive cash prizes based on the number of participants, and of course, bragging rights among the chapters!
Yes, this is an exclusive event for members of A Girl & A Gun. Each entrant must be an active AG & AG member on or before the participation deadline date. Adult, Youth and Facilitators are eligible. No Practiscore registration. Divisions are to be clearly indicated on the scoresheet. See acceptable abbreviations in the Pistol Divisions section. Not a member? Join today!
Chapter Facilitators submit score sheets to the Match Director at the end of each quarter.
  • Time Plus (Final Time = Raw Time Total + Penalty Time Total)
  • Participant’s times MUST be witnessed by the Facilitator and 1 A-Team, Adult chapter member or RSO employed at the host range.
  • Witnesses are to sign in the appropriate signature boxes on the REVISED scoresheet.
  • Penalties
    • Missing the intended shape = 3 seconds per miss (ex. if a shot hole touches the shape, it counts as a hit)
    • Not following the course of fire = 5 seconds per string (ex. shooting the shapes out of order)
Divisions are based on Color Tracks from the AG & AG Shooting Journal. A division MUST be indicated for each participant on the scoresheet.
  • OCI = Orange Centerfire Irons
  • OCO = Orange Centerfire Optics
  • ORI = Orange Rimfire Irons
  • ORO = Orange Rimfire Optics
  • GCI = Green Centerfire Irons
  • GCO = Green Centerfire Optics
  • GRI = Green Rimfire Irons
  • GRO = Green Rimfire Optics
  • BCI = Blue Centerfire Irons
  • BCO = Blue Centerfire Optics
  • BRI = Blue Rimfire Irons
  • BRO = Blue Rimfire Optics
  • NFP = Not For Prizes
Facilitators will have the final decision which color track is most appropriate for the participant. There MUST be at least 3 participants in a division for a division winner to be declared (except for the NFP division). Irons divisions ONLY allow Non-optic, Notch and post type (fixed or adjustable) sights. Optics divisions ONLY allow Red Dot Sights. Variable Power Scopes are allowed but MUST be set at 1.0X to use in the match. No laser sights are allowed in any division (including the NFP division). The NFP division is meant for members who would like to “try out” the quarterly match or are not at the Blue color track level in their training journey. After participating in 2 quarterly matches (consecutive or non-consecutive) a division must be chosen and match fee(s) will apply. NFP division participants will be listed as a division in the Overall rack and stack of participants but will be removed prior to determining the Star Level winners.

Copy of email receipt for proof of match fee payment(s)
Required pistol for each registered division
Eye & ear protection
At least 18 rounds of ammunition
1-3 magazines (reloading between strings is NOT done on the clock)

Facilitator/A-Team Member
Eye & ear protection
AG & AG Match Target #2 or new Dueling Tree target
May charge entrants up to $1 each target
Current Scoresheet (found in the Virtual Office) PLEASE DO NOT USE PAST VERSIONS OF THE SCORESHEET
Standard shot timer (no smart phone apps allowed)

Match scores are posted on Practiscore and the AG & AG website. A press release is published each quarter with a full list of winners.

Our Quarterly Match Director calculates the winners and determines the pot distribution after all of the results are compiled.


  • Chapter Winner = member with the lowest total time in the chapter.
  • Division Winner = member with the lowest total time in a division.
  • 1st Overall Winner = member with the lowest total time of all participants.
  • All Star Level = members who place 1st Overall for the second time within the next 4 matches they participate in.
  • All Star Period = the next 3 matches the member participates in after becoming an All Star. An All Star member will be eligible to win 1st Overall prize again after the All Star period ends.
  • All Star Winner = All Star who places 1st Overall during their All Star Period.
  • Performance Star Levels = All other members (not including All Star Level members and members in the NFP division) divided into 4 even numbered groups. If there are an odd number of participants, the 1 Star Level will have one additional person. Performance Star Levels provide 3 additional members an opportunity to receive prizes for their training progress.

Examples of how the All Star Level works

  • Member becomes an All Star
    • Member places 1st overall in 1Q 2023 and wins 1st Overall cash pot. She participates in the 2Q & 3Q 2023 matches and places in the top five, just missing the win. She skips the next 2 matches and doesn’t participate again until 2Q 2024 where she places 1st overall again. Since 2Q 2024 is the 4th match she has participated in, she is now an All Star and wins the All Star prize and the 1st Overall cash pot will go to the next eligible participant.
      • #1 = 1Q 2023 – 1st Overall Cash Pot win
      • #2 = 2Q 2023 – 3rd place overall
      • #3 = 3Q 2023 – 2nd place overall
      • N/A = 4Q 2023 – did not participate
      • N/A = 1Q 2024 – did not participate
      • #4 = 2Q 2024 – Becomes an All Star and wins the All Star prize!!

NOTE: If a member doesn’t participate in quarterly matches after winning the 1st Overall Case Pot for any reason, those matches do not count towards determining when she becomes an All Star.

  • All Star member becomes eligible to win 1st Overall Cash Pot again
    • Member became an All Star in 2Q 2023. She participates in 3 of the next 4 matches and won the All Star prize twice during her All Star period. She participates in 3Q 2024 and placed 1st Overall once again. This time she is eligible to win the 1st Overall Cash Pot!!
      • 2Q 2023 – Became an All Star
      • #1 = 3Q 2023 – 3rd place overall
      • N/A = 4Q 2023 – did not participate
      • #2 = 1Q 2024 – All Star Winner and won the All Star prize
      • #3 = 2Q 2024 – All Star Winner and won the All Star prize
      • #4 = 3Q 2024 – placed 1st Overall and won the 1st Overall Cash Pot

NOTE: If an All Star member skips a quarter for any reason, that match is not counted as part of her All Star period.

Prize Pot Definitions:

Prizes that are $20 or less will be paid out with store credit. All others will be cash payouts unless otherwise specified.

  • Chapter Winner Prize = $15 store credit
  • All Star Prize (when applicable) = $50 cash + $50 AG & AG store credit
  • Division Prize Pots (75% of the remaining prize pot)
    1. Total Division Prize Pot will be divided by the number of qualifying divisions to determine the qualified division allowance
    2. 1st Place Division Winner = 100% of each qualified division allowance
  • Performance Star Level Prize Pots (25% of the remaining prize pot)
    1. 4 Star Winner (1st Place Overall) = 40%
    2. 3 Star Winner = 30%
    3. 2 Star Winner = 20%
    4. 1 Star Winner = 10%

Ashley from the Lebanon OH Chapter said, “Here is my experience with shooting the quarterly match: (1). The 1st and 2nd time I shot the buzzer gave me performance anxiety, by quarterly 3 it was more adrenaline less fear. (2). Shooting quarterly matches has introduced me to skills I wouldn’t be practicing on my own like 1-handed shooting, reloading mid-shoot, etc. (3). Shooting quarterly matches has helped me feel more confident as a shooter simply because of my willingness to put myself out there and challenge myself. (4). If you win you get $14 to spend on the next quarterly match or buy a cool shirt! (5). The worst thing that can happen is you don’t win. But having the courage to try is much better than never having tried at all!”

Course of Fire

Match Criteria:

Quarter = 2Q2024

Target = AG & AG Silhouette
Round count = 18 rounds total (6 rounds per string)
Distance = 5 yards (15 feet)

Firearm start condition & position:
Pistol is laid on the work surface, slide locked back and chamber facing up. (After the pistol has been verified clear and under the direction of the RO, lefties can stage the pistol with the ejection port down, if needed, prior to the buzzer.)
Magazine(s) staged on the work surface.
Mechanical safety/decocking lever engaged, if the pistol has either.
Shooter’s start position = Arms relaxed with hands down at sides

Match Director must receive scores within six days after the quarter’s end.

2Q Rulebook

String Descriptions

Cancellations and Refunds
Life happens and sometimes last-minute situations arise that can prevent you from attending. Contact the Match Director to roll your registration to the next quarter. Members can roll a match fee 2x before the fee is nonrefundable.