Friendly and Certified Firearms Training for Women Since 2011

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Be a part of the best women’s firearms organization in the world! Our league grows when women step forward into leadership roles to establish new chapters.

To be an A Girl & A Gun Chapter Facilitator, you must be:

  • 1. A woman. (Sorry, guys.)
  • 2. A certified pistol instructor with an instructor insurance policy.
  • 3. Near a professional range facility (Letter to Ranges and Retailers).


Your pistol instructor certification must be current and issued from a reputable agency, including NRA, USCCA, Cornered Cat, Rangemaster, or SIG Academy.

If you have not yet passed your instructor course you may start Meet & Greets in your community, but there can be NO live fire until you are a certified instructor.


Within one year, AG & AG Chapter Facilitators are required to earn the following credentials:


  • Range Safety Officer Certification
  • Stop the Bleed Certification or nationally recognized Trauma Certificate
  • AG & AG Range Response Certificate (online course – free for Facilitators).
  • AG & AG Confident Communicator Certificate (online course – free for Facilitators).
  • Pass the live-fire qualification test for plain clothes federal agents (upload an unedited video of you shooting/scoring target).


Each chapter must host at least two AG & AG-branded events per month. Facilitators will promote chapter events, as well as AG & AG national programs, to grow chapter memberships. Attend leadership events (in person and/or virtual) to further develop teaching and shooting skills. Chapter Facilitators of AG & AG are to be positive role models for women and girls in the shooting sports.


We are extremely proud of our leadership team and provide many benefits to them. All of our Chapter Facilitators receive:

  • Leadership Development Opportunities
  • 20% Commission for every chapter member
    National marketing/SEO for your training classes
  • AG & AG branded materials, such as business cards and banners
  • Membership management system to manage your chapter roster
  • Licensed smart phone app to help you send push notifications, text, and emails to your members
  • Discounts on training kits and merchandise.
  • Significant discounts with Office Depot and other Vendor Partners.
  • All of the perks of AG & AG membership!
  • Participation in a supportive, enthusiastic sisterhood!

“If you would have told me that someday I’d be running a women’s shooting chapter I would have laughed in your face. Today I only wish I had found my true passion much sooner in life!”​

Start a Chapter

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