A Girl & A Gun Push-Up Challenge

It’s no surprise to us that women’s bodies are different than men’s. Men can more easily leverage their upper body strength to manage recoil, while women usually have to engage muscles throughout the body when shooting to ensure a stable platform. Having strong arms and a strong core is paramount to shooting success, as well as overall self-defense, endurance, and balance.

How do you increase upper body strength? The answer is simple — and this program is free to all AG & AG members!

Six-Week Program

Throughout this six-week program you follow the weekly lesson plans that map out five quick and simple training sessions. The exercises can all be done anywhere and you don’t need special equipment.

“When I started my first Push-Up Challenge, I could only do 1/2 of a pushup! I could get into position, but if I went down, I couldn’t push back up! After 6 weeks, I could do 12! This program kickstarted my life and I shed 70 lbs by changing my diet and doing these simple exercises! The best part of this program is that it’s YOUR Challenge — you do you. You don’t have to worry about hitting anyone else’s numbers. It’s adaptable for all ages and abilities!” ~Robyn Sandoval, AG & AG Executive Director

Why Push Ups?

Studies have shown that you can actually work yourself into phenomenal shape by focusing more on just your arms. Your muscles are less dense in your arms, which means your nervous system gets hit fast. Working your arms burns more calories and develops a higher cardiovascular threshold than many other type of training. It will also give you strength, speed, fitness, and toning like you would never believe! Larry St. Clair is an AG & AG National Conference Instructor and has been coaching AG & AG members through fitness challenges for years. He has helped people increase their push ups from ZERO to 66 in just 6 weeks! Dedicate six weeks to the Push-Up Challenge and you will see progress!

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