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July 19 - 21, 2024 • Ft. Worth TX

The Clays Extravaganza celebrates women in the shotgun sports and gives us a chance to gather, compete, and share our sport with newbies. While there are many local leagues, A Girl & A Gun brings women together from all over the country. This is your chance to gather with exceptional women and make new friends! This is not just about winning prizes, although that is a bonus; this is about enjoying our camaraderie, breaking clays, and building a strong female presence in the world of shotgun sports!

Sporting Clays​

Defender Outdoors has two 12-station courses, and the Cowtown Course is part of the Extravaganza. This course is really fun for all skill levels! For our serious competitors, targets are NSCA-registered targets.

5 Stand​

For the Extravaganza, participants will also shoot Defender’s 5-Stand. These are NSCA-registered targets; however, all participants are welcome to participate in this event regardless of NSCA standing or skill level.​

Super Sporting​

The third event of the Extravaganza is Super Sporting! These are also NSCA-registered targets; however, all participants should participate in this event for the 3-event Extravaganza regardless of NSCA status.​

More Targets and Punches​

Take advantage of Defender Outdoors' Ranch Course for more targets! As with the Cowtown Course, the Ranch Course also offers NSCA-registered targets. This course is not part of the Extravaganza and results will not be counted towards Extravaganza awards; however, we will recognize the participant who obtains the high overall score for this optional event.​

Learning Opportunities​

Instructors will be on site on Friday, so register for a spot in a half-day clinic to learn from the pros! Also, when you’re not shooting on Saturday or Sunday, you jump into one of the workshops! There will be discussions on: Eyewear Lens Strategies, Clay Shooting Etiquette, Chokes & Loads, NSCA Demystified, Shotgun Fit, Gear, and other topics for shooters of all experience levels.​

Fun and Games​

We’ll have some different games and activities set up at the facility so that there are always smiles and laughs! Whether it's dunking booths, exhibition shoots, or flurries and games, we'll have some fun activities up our sleeves again this year!

Dates & Agenda​

  • Friday: 7/19/24 – 8am Check In, 9-4pm Pro Staff Clinics & Workshops
  • Saturday: 7/20/24 – 8am Welcome & Safety Brief, 9-4pm Events & Workshops, 5pm-7:30 Games and Participant Social
  • Sunday: 7/21/24 – 8am Welcome & Safety Brief, 9-2pm Events & Workshops, 2-3pm Games and Prize Table, 3-4pm Awards!

About the Clays Extravaganza

This is a fun 3-event tournament for women! It’s a great event for ladies brand new to shotgun sports and experienced shooters. The Extravaganza includes: Cowtown Sporting Course, 5-Stand Course, Super Sporting Course. Participants in the 3-event Extravaganza will be eligible for our Extravaganza awards, including our High Overall Award (HOA). The HOA is calculated by evaluating how many total targets a participant hits in each of the three Extravaganza events. The participant with the most targets will be named as the A Girl & A Gun’s Clays Extravaganza HOA!

All women are welcome to participate! You don’t have to be an A Girl & A Gun member to attend; however, if you’re not a member and you want to support our org, you can join here!

Each event is priced separately ranging from $60-$100, depending on the number of targets. When you create your flight times on Scorechaser, you will see the individual prices for each event. At a minimum, participants will register for the Cowtown Course, 5 Stand, and Super Sporting ($235). Participants receive swag bags, prizes from the Prize Table in order of finish, trophies for the overall and class winners, and access to workshops and activities throughout the event! Professional 1/2-day clinics are also available on Friday to help you break more clays and have more fun on Saturday & Sunday ($150 plus targets).

Yes! And you can add on additional courses to get more punches!

In addition to the HOA, we are pleased to offer additional awards to the Extravaganza Overall Runner Up, and each Extravaganza NSCA class winner. Please note that you do not have to have an NSCA membership to be eligible for the class awards, as the exceptional staff at Defender Outdoors Clays Rance will ensure that you are listed in an eligible class for purposes of this event.
  • Extravaganza (combo 3 events) HOA
  • Extravaganza HOA Runner Up
  • Extravaganza Master Class Winner
  • Extravaganza AA Class Winner
  • Extravaganza A Class Winner
  • Extravaganza B Class Winner
  • Extravaganza C Class Winner
  • Extravaganza D Class Winner
  • Extravaganza E Class Winner
  • Extravaganza Hunter Class Winner
  • High Cowtown Course Winner
  • High Ranch Course Winner
  • High 5-Stand Winner
  • High Super Sporting Winner
Lewis Class Payout Option for Clays Courses (What is Lewis Class?) And lots of Random Draw Prizes for Competitors! A Girl & A Gun has the BEST prize tables!

Yes! If you can claim flight times on Scorechaser for all of the events in a single day, go for it!

No, please bring target loads that do not exceed 1 1/8 oz of 7.5 shot. Choose rounds that properly cycle in your shotgun. For over/under shotguns, light 1 oz load (28 g) between 1150-1250 fps is best.

Bring a shooting vest or shell pouch, eye protection, ear protection, and range bag for carrying gear around the course.

Yes, just remember that sporting clays and 5-Stand only allow a maximum of TWO shells to be loaded at any given time and only when the shooter is in the shooting station.

Professional instructors are available on Friday to teach you how to be more proficient (and have more fun)! While fundamentals will be addressed, you should be able to comfortably operate the firearm needed for the shoot without assistance. The instructors will help you with fit, hold points, and break points, but you must already know gun safety and how to operate your firearm. 

Yes! Everyone will help guide you to where you need to be. It’s a great event for first-timers, so don’t shy away. You’re going to have a blast!

We have blocks at the following nearby hotels. Mention “A Girl & A Gun” or AGAG.

Motel 6 *Close to range and recently renovated

8601 Benbrook Blvd., Benbrook TX 76126

(817) 249-8885

$78/nt + tax single

$85/nt + tax double

Holiday Inn Express

4609 Citylake Blvd W., Ft Worth TX 76132

(817) 292-4900

$120/nt + tax

Comfort Inn

8004 Winscott Dr., Benbrook TX 76126

(817) 249-8008

$105/nt + tax

Here is a ballpark round count for your planning, but it may change slightly as we get closer. There will probably be 250 registered targets, so bring 500 or more shells.


Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch

8270 Aledo Rd. Fort Worth, TX 76126


Thank you to the following partners for providing funds and/or donations to make this event possible! If you are interested in putting your brand name in front of women shooters, in our event photos, and on merchandise that they take home, become a sponsor.

Event Sponsors

MagpulCZ-USASyrenUSCCAHunters GoldSSP EyewearGTMBenelliSwab ItsVoodoo TacticalMossbergMiller Shooting Sports


Gun GoddessXS SightsOtisBrileyUkoalaWild HareHygenallGrizzly EarsWileyXPackin HeatCarry Girl GearNSSF
Cancellations and Refunds
Life happens and sometimes last-minute situations arise that can prevent you from attending. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide refunds as time goes on and our vendors and service providers have been paid. Therefore, a $50 administrative fee will be charged for any cancellation. Within 45 days of the event, there will be no refunds for registration fees or event-related items if you discover that you are unable to attend. In some cases, registrations may be transferred to another participant and you may try to find someone who may want to pay you for your spot.