A New Decade: 2020

A Girl & A Gun entered the new decade on the heels of another fantastic year! In 2019, AG & AG membership grew to over 6,500 women in chapters at 190 ranges throughout the country that offer training and camaraderie. In 2019 the league opened 27 new chapters in 19 states. It continues to grow because of the organization’s proven firearms training and leadership programs. No other women’s organization has done more for the grassroots 2nd Amendment movement than AG & AG to bring women into shooting.

League City Celebrates

The League City, TX, chapter had over 30 ladies attend their annual holiday party. The photos shows the expressions of fun and concentration as they were putting their strings of lights in their Christmas tree targets. They had their traditional “Ugly Sweater Contest” that the ladies voted on, and Facilitator Cindy Scott supplied a lot of prizes to give away! They had a volunteer gift exchange that was a big hit, and almost everyone in attendance gathered for dinner. They also celebrated their A-Team, who all recently became NRA Certified Instructors and NRA Chief Range Safety Officers!

Follow Up: Kat’s Story

Since sharing my home-invasion story in 2016, I’ve been wanting to write a follow up. Today just seems like a great day to start. As you may know our journey began (and almost ended) the morning of 1 March 2014, when we had a home invasion with assault at 0320 while we were both sleeping. At the time, neither my husband nor I owned a firearm, nor did we endorse those who did. I can tell you, a home invasion will change those beliefs — at least they did for us.

Top 3 “Getting Off The ‘X’” Myths about Shooting On The Move

One of the most important rules in a gunfight is to avoid being in the path of incoming rounds. And one of the popular sayings is that you need to “Get Off The ‘x’.”But that’s where bumper-sticker answers do us a disservice and cause us to buy into training myths about shooting on the move. In this video, Mike Ox demonstrates how you can move at a high rate of speed and still make consistent hits with your carry gun.