Friendly and Certified Firearms Training for Women Since 2011

Chapter Events

Our chapters provide opportunities for ladies to get together for a time out of the house and have some fun shooting guns and making new friends. New shooters are always welcome and experience shooters are always appreciated. Each event there will be some target practice and/or a fun activity. It is the perfect time to get together for some girl bonding!

Girls Night Out

Hosted in the evenings after 5pm, GNOs are popular events. We usually gather for dinner after the range, so make sure to check with someone in your chapter about where the fun moves to when the shooting is all done. Ladies only.

Breakfast & Bullets

If you can’t get away in the evenings, join us for some morning range time! B&Bs are events before noon. Some chapters meet for breakfast before or after time together on the range. Ladies only.

“T” Time

Target or Trigger Time events happen in the afternoons between 12pm and 5pm (to contrast with “tea times” or “tee times” that happen mid-day. These are scheduled with various chapters depending on the availability of range. Ladies only.


Our facilitators offer a variety of curriculums on several topics, including gun cleaning, holster selection, firearms safety, how to shop for a gun, first aid for the range, etc. Clinics are presented by local experts and arranged by chapter facilitators. Times and topics vary by chapter; some clinics may be co-ed.

Training Classes

AG & AG events are a great place to come and learn the basics (grip, stance, sight picture and trigger control), get over your nerves, get some practice in before your Concealed Handgun course, etc; however, they are NOT intended to take the place of a formal training class. If you are a new shooter and you would benefit from one-on-one instruction, then please sign up for a formal training class. Contact one of our firearms instructors or talk to your facilitator and she can help you find the right class.

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