Chapter Facilitators

There are several women’s shooting organizations, but the AG & AG Leadership Team is the reason this league is different: Our Facilitators are all Certified Instructors. This is important because members can be assured that all events are run by someone who has made an investment in her training by attending professional classes to learn safe gun handling and accuracy drills. This is more than a fun group; we have a mission to ensure that our members learn correct techniques while having fun. Our Facilitators are all women. We love spending time with our husbands, boyfriends, sons, and other guy friends at the range; however, we take time to get away and enjoy girl talk, too! This girl-friendly environment has a different feel to it — and can often be less intimidating to new members. We share tips about posture, grip, and maneuverability that are all unique to a woman’s physical characteristics. While there are wonderful male instructors, it can greatly benefit women to learn from other women. Our Facilitators are “everyday” women. We are not pin-up models, hard-core athletes, or tactical soldiers. We are normal women who enjoy trying new things and feeling empowered. We welcome women of all ages and abilities — from the fitness pros to the cuddly grandmas — who want to improve self defense skills and try a competitive match. Anyone can do what we do, and we cheer for each other along the way!  Our Facilitators help women achieve their goals every day.

Board of Directors

Julianna Crowder, Founder

Julianna CrowderJulianna Crowder is a dreamer, teacher, and leader.  She empowers women to take personal responsibility for their safety by learning the proper handling and use of firearms. She invites women to participate at the shooting range. She creates opportunities for women to grow their own businesses and make their dreams come true. Although she was raised around firearms and married a Marine, it wasn’t until 2004 that Julianna developed an interest in competitive action shooting, hunting, and self defense.  She participated in IDPA, but grew tired of being the only woman at a match. She would see women there with their husbands, but always sitting on the sidelines. Trying to get women to participate, Julianna would host ladies-only self-defense classes or safety seminars, but no one came. On Feb. 28, 2011, she held her first Girl’s Night Out, a casual, unintimidating event on safe shooting followed by “girl talk” at a restaurant afterwards. Only a few girls showed up, but each week a few more would come. Using this simple format, she has helped bring thousands of women into the shooting community. Julianna is a passionate speaker on women’s issues as gun owners, concealed carry and 2nd Amendment issues, action shooting sports, and firearm education and resources. She has been featured on The Blaze, Huckabee, CNBC, NBC, NPR, and many local affiliates. She is regularly invited to speak on Cam and Co. on NRA News, and was Ms. September in the 2012 Bond Arms “Fight Like A Girl” charity calendar. As Founder, Julianna continues to share the mission of A Girl & A Gun. She manages strategic partnerships with industry leaders, and hosts regional and national events. She is a Certified NRA Instructor, Rangemaster Level 1, Certified Concealed Handgun License Instructor for the State of Texas, and serves on the national NRA Education Committee.

Robyn Sandoval, Executive Director

Robyn SandovalRobyn Sandoval is a converted anti-gunner. She was raised in a large city, and always assumed that first responders were only a phone call away and local grocery stores would have needed supplies on hand. After 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, she began to casually store items in case of an economic or environmental disaster in her community. One day her husband asked, “If something bad happens and we have to shelter in place, how are we going to stop someone from breaking in and taking our stuff?” For many years Robyn struggled with the decision to bring a firearm into the home with three children. In 2010, she finally conceded to the purchase of one gun to be used only in an emergency situation. She wanted to learn how to use her new gun, so she nervously attended a Girl’s Night Out, only the 3rd event for the new AG & AG club. When she shared her journey it went viral on social media — it was viewed more than 200,000 times in only 3 days. She joined the A Girl & A Gun executive team in October 2012 and built the infrastructure and operating procedures from the ground up to enable the organization’s rapid growth (650% in 26 months). She currently serves as Executive Director and manages the day-to-day operations of the league. She is an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer; NRA Certified Instructor for Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, and Personal Protection in the Home; and Certified GLOCK Operator and Certified GLOCK Armorer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Magna Cum Laude from St. Edward’s University.

HQ Team

The volunteers at AG & AG Headquarters work tirelessly for our members, facilitators, vendors, sponsors, and friends.

  • Tatiana Whitlock, Training Director
  • Sandy Kozero, Regional Director – Central USA
  • Debbie Donahue, Regional Director – Eastern USA
  • Beth Duckworth, Regional Director – Western USA
  • Beth Duckworth, Quarterly Match Director
  • Dawn Buccafusco Rodriguez, Art & Licensing Director
  • Morgan Schmidt, Range Coordinator
  • Jana Yarbrough, Vendor Program Coordinator
  • Wendy Hayes, Partner Services Coordinator
  • Melissa Devorsky, Merchandising Coordinator