AG & AG Shooting JournalThe AG & AG Shooting Journal is both instructor and friend that gives you extremely powerful information about yourself and your abilities. While there is evidence that journaling has a positive impact on physical well-being, there are also practical applications for documenting your shooting sessions.

This Journal thoughtfully combines ballistic data collection and professional training documentation with guided journaling worksheets to give you clarity to achieve your shooting and personal goals. With 12-months of live-fire and dry-fire drills for new and advanced-level shooters to track your shooting progress, it also has worksheets to log your thoughts, emotions, and experiences as your empowerment and success from shooting translates into other areas of your life. It’s part Tactical, part Foo-Foo. Download your Journal and get started today!


Take a peek inside: Part 1: The Importance of a Shooting Journal (Low-Res online view).

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