Whether you want to participate in a local group or are looking for more opportunities nationwide, AG & AG has something for everyone! Join us at an upcoming event!

National Conference

The AG & AG National Conference is the event of the year! We host 550+ women shooters that come together each year for training, prizes, and camaraderie! With dozens of pistol and carbine bays, as well as sporting clays, archery, and precision long-range, you can participate in defensive, competitive, and recreational shooting sessions. We also have classrooms for simulated-fire, interactive demonstrations, and lecture sessions on a variety of topics.

Clays Extravaganza

The Women’s Clays Extravaganza is an all-ladies clay target shoot! The event begins with optional shotgun clinics with pro staff to set you up for success. Then have fun as you tackle sporting clays, 5-stand, trap, and flurries! There are game winners, High Overall winner, Lewis class payouts, and great giveaways!

Fall Festival

The Fall Festival includes two major matches in one amazing weekend! The Multigun Challenge is the ONLY ALL-LADIES 3-gun match in the nation! It is a true multigun experience over 2 days with 8 fun and challenging stages. You can also enjoy demos, social activities, clinics, and a 3-Gun University experience for training and fun! The Team Pistol Challenge is a fun one-day match that two women tackle together as a team. It is blast!

3-Gun University

3-Gun UniversityTM provides training on the fundamentals needed to succeed in the sport of 3 gun prior to a match to put your skills to use. The Match Director creates a fun and challenging event that will take you through modular training to hone your skills for success in the match, but more importantly, long-term participation in the sport.

Girls Getaways

The Girls Getaway Program provides destination events for shooting, training, and camaraderie. Planned at different venues across the country, the events allow AG & AG members from various chapters to share new experiences and meet new friends! You get one-on-one time with either Julianna Crowder or Robyn Sandoval, and sometimes both!

Chapter Events

Our chapters provide opportunities for ladies to get together for a time out of the house and have some fun shooting guns and making new friends. New shooters are always welcome and experience shooters are always appreciated. Chapter events may be informal gatherings, such as Girl’s Night Out, or clinics that have a structured activity or curriculum. Find a chapter >>

Quarterly Match

The Quarterly Match is a nationwide competition among AG & AG members that occurs during a regularly scheduled chapter event. Facilitated in a casual, familiar environment, shooters are able to experience a competitive atmosphere: understanding the course of fire, match commands, operation of the shot timer, and scoring. The match allows new shooters to overcome mental barriers to participating in competitive shooting and gives experienced shooters the ability to test their skills among friends. Winners of the match receive cash prizes based on the number of participants, and of course, bragging rights among the chapters.

Facilitator Development

The AG & AG Facilitator Development Program provides training for the unique lifecycle of an AG & AG member: getting new women to the range and putting guns in their hands for the first time, showing them the basics of marksmanship and introducing range etiquette, cultivating skills and involvement, and introducing shooting sports and competition for long-term participation. AG & AG Facilitator Development events provide training for the AG & AG leadership team.

Back the Women in Blue

With the increasing violence towards law enforcement and lack of mandatory firearms training provided to them, A Girl & A Gun is stepping up to keep our law enforcement officers safe. In a recent survey to local female law enforcement officers not assigned to tactical units, 63% of the respondents’ agencies do not offer mandatory firearms training post-academy. Eight-nine (89%) percent have not attended any outside firearms training within the last five (5) years. We started a “Women in Blue” Scholarship Fund in July 2016 to fund training for female LEOs. AG & AG hosts training events for our female LEOs and wives of LEOs because their lives face uncertain dangers and we want to help them be prepared.

DC Project

DC Project is a nonpartisan initiative among women from all 50 states to establish relationships with their legislators, and reveal the faces and stories of firearms owners and 2nd Amendment supporters. Participants aim to highlight the diversity of gun owners and the rising female demographic; encourage the preservation of America’s gun culture, from conservation and commerce to competitive sports, hunting, and self-defense; and give legislators an opportunity to meet a real gun owner and 2A supporter and have a resource for information or education on firearms-related topics.

Competitive Edge

The Competitive Edge Program provides opportunities for women to network at major matches or gather on ladies-only squads around the country. Participants are able to learn from mentors and compete among friends.