Friendly and Certified Firearms Training for Women Since 2011

Chapter Events​

A Girl & A Gun chapters host recurring events at hundreds of chapters throughout the country. These events may include Girls Night Out (GNO) or another supervised practice opportunity, clinics, classes, or the Quarterly Match. Find a chapter near you to see what events are taking place in your neck of the woods.

Virtual Events​

We bring the training straight to your living room! We host a virtual event every week of the month: 1st Tuesday: Virtual GNO (Journal Value) 2nd Tuesday: Facilitator Forum 3rd Thursday: Virtual GNO (Pistol Skill) 4th Thursday: Book Club

National Conference​

The AG & AG National Conference is the event of the year! We host 600+ women shooters that come together each year for training, prizes, and camaraderie! With dozens of pistol and carbine bays, as well as sporting clays, archery, and precision long-range, you can participate in defensive, competitive, and recreational shooting sessions. We also have field classrooms for simulated-fire, interactive demonstrations, and lecture sessions on a variety of topics.

Clays Extravaganza​

The Women’s Clays Extravaganza is an all-ladies clay target shoot! The event begins with optional shotgun clinics with pro staff to set you up for success. Then have fun as you tackle sporting clays, 5-stand, trap, and flurries! There are game winners, High Overall winner, Lewis class payouts, and great giveaways!

Fall Festival​

Fall Fest comprises two matches in one amazing weekend! The Team Pistol Challenge is a fun one-day match that two women tackle together as a team. The Multigun Challenge is a true multigun experience over 2 days with 8 fun and challenging stages. It is the only all-ladies match in the nation — and competitors can attend 3-Gun University before the match: 2.5 days of training to set you up for success!

Sniper School​

Have a blast at the beautiful Cameo LRP learning marksmanship, scope manipulation, ballistics, range estimation, and concealment. Engage and advance on targets at a mile and beyond — out to 2,003 yards! Ring steel at known and unknown distances. Gain a solid introduction to Snipercraft and go home with your ghillie suit ready for the next adventure!

DRIFT Academy​

A Girl & A Gun’s DRIFT (Dynamic Real-World Immersive Firearms Training) Academy addresses all aspects of vehicle defense. Training in, around, and with your vehicle is a necessary skillset for your personal safety and that of your family. Attend this Girls Getaway to learn how to identify, stop, and evade a threat.

GLOCK Getaways​

Join your AG & AG sisters in an exclusive training experience at GLOCK Professional! You’ll become a certified Armorer with understanding of the features and functions of GLOCK pistols. Then enjoy some range time as you hone your fundamentals of marksmanship on the GLOCK platform! (Must be Green/Orange Track to attend.)

Leadership Development

Our Girls Getaways for our Chapter Leadership provides opportunities for personal and professional development. From a train-the-trainer perspective, these events help instructors hone their skills and some events culminate in a certification to present new curriculum.

Back the Women in Blue​

A Girl & A Gun gives back to women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day. This annual event brings together officers from across the country for 3 days of training. This AG & AG experience provides professional development and fosters friendships among peers who share a passion for service.