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With the increasing violence towards law enforcement and lack of mandatory firearms training provided to them, A Girl & A Gun is stepping up to keep our law enforcement officers safe. We started a “Women in Blue” Scholarship Fund in July 2016 to provide firearms training to our incredible female LEOs.

In a recent survey to local female law enforcement officers not assigned to tactical units, 63% of the respondents’ agencies do not offer mandatory firearms training post-academy. Also, 66% of those agencies require officers to qualify on their duty guns annually. Eight-nine (89%) percent have not attended any outside firearms training within the last five (5) years.

Over the past 5 years, we have seen a rise in our event participation of female law enforcement. They are attending our competition events as supplemental training without their agency’s support. These women are providing their own firearms, gear, ammunition, travel, and sacrificing family time to becoming better shooters and better officers.

It’s time for us to give back to them.

AG & AG is offering FREE training events for our female LEOs and wives of LEOs. Your lives face uncertain dangers and we want to help you be prepared.

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On July 17-19, 2017, A Girl & A Gun is hosting the “Back the Women in Blue” Training Seminar at the American Police Hall of Fame in Titusville, FL, the first event of it’s kind.

This seminar is 2.5 days of training in pistol and rifle manipulations and marksmanship. There will be 10 participants and 6 staff members on site.

EJ Owens, Lead Instructor

EJ OwensEJ Owens is an adjunct instructor for the National Association of Chiefs of Police. He is a U.S. Army and National Guard veteran serving as a commissioned officer (Infantry) selected for Executive Protection of government officials during war time. He’s a U.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combatives Instructor and served in Afghanistan as a U.S. Department of Defense contractor assigned to the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force.

He’s a CQB Instructor, nationally-registered paramedic, rappel master, TN State Handgun Permit Instructor, Certified Glock Armorer, and the 2009 MS State IDPA Champion (CDP). His training includes Armed and Unarmed Defensive tactics, Explosive and Dynamic Breaching, Sniper Rifle, Impact Weapons, and other classified training. He has received advanced instruction from John Farnam, Massad Ayoob, Larry Vickers, Ken Hackathorn, Tom Givens, James Yeager, Jim Fuller’s AK building class from Rifle Dynamics, and more.

EJ also holds a Doctorate in Education and has assisted in the development of over 300 hours of various small arms trainings. He focuses on why we need to do things certain ways rather than just what to do. His mindset and approach will have anyone who carries a gun thinking differently about why they carry and how they assess the everyday world. From rookies to veterans, everyone will learn something new (that could potentially save their life) at this event.

Your distinguished dedication and support to our law enforcement will not only allow these well-deserving women an opportunity of a lifetime, but will instill confidence and encouragement that your company stands behind them.

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