Friendly and Certified Firearms Training for Women Since 2011

October 2024 • Round Rock, TX

We proudly provide female Law Enforcement Officers three days of exceptional training and camaraderie. Hosted at the state-of-the-art Round Rock Public Safety Training Center, this annual event is part of our #GivingBack mission to make a difference. Officers earn TCOLE training hours, gain confidence in their weapons and DT skills, network and mentor with other women, and are rewarded for being role models, defenders, and guardians of their communities.

Firearms Training​

Officers spend time on the range with Master LE Instructors to hone their pistol and patrol rifle skills.​

Defensive Tactics​

Roll on the mats with other strong female officers and learn from female instructors who make DT fun!​

Professional Development​

Run drills that include force-on-force or low light! Single-officer clearing and patrol exercises build confidence.

Dates & Agenda​

2024 Dates TBA

Tuesday: Travel Day/Arrival, Welcome Dinner
Wednesday: Day 1: Firearms Training
Thursday: Day 2: CQB & Team Building
Friday: Day 3: Defensive Tactics, Farewell
Saturday: Departure/Travel Day Home

*Schedule may change based on academy training priority.


Nominate a Deserving Officer in Your Community!

About Back the Women in Blue

This is exclusive training event for female law enforcement officers. We are excited to provide you with advanced-level firearms training as part of the A Girl & A Gun “Back the Women in Blue” Program Presented by GLOCK. Thank you for your service to your community!

Officers will have live-fire and simunition firearms training with pistols and/or rifles. A block of training will be focused on defensive tactics, groundfighting, and/or handcuffing techniques. Additional training may also include low-light or other skills for situations that are common for officers’ lives back home. Drills on the range and/or in the shoot houses offer opportunities for decision-making exercises and tactics proficiency. Officers also participate in team-building exercises, such as rappelling from the 5-story tower! These activities help promote personal beliefs in oneself and trust in their fellow officers, and they return home as stronger officers and motivated leaders.

The only cost is for officers to arrange for their own travel to/from Round Rock, TX, either through their departments, personal funds, or donations. The rest of the entire event is funded by contributions from generous sponsors and AG & AG chapters that want to #giveback.  Hotel, meals, range fees, training supplies, ammunition, and instructor fees are covered.  Officers even receive gifts and swag for attending!

The hotel reservations are managed and paid for by AG & AG and are not published for security reasons. Officers who are attending will receive in advance all of the details, including instructors, confirmed agenda, housing arrangements, and dinner plans.

In 2016 we were seeing an uptick in female LEOs at our competitive matches and events. These ladies were seeking additional trigger time and training that they were not getting from their departments. We sent a nationwide survey to female LEOs not assigned to tactical units, and learned that 63% of the respondents’ agencies did not offer mandatory firearms training post-academy and only 66% of the officers were required to annually qualify on their duty guns. Shockingly 89% of the responsdents had not attended any outside firearms training in the last 5 years! With the increased violence towards law enforcement and lack of mandatory firearms training provided to them, A Girl & A Gun stepped up to provide training to keep LEOs safe. We started a fundraiser of BTWB tshirts and asked our sponsors and LE instructors to get on board. We have been able to offer this event for several years and it has become an invaluable opportunity to the women who attend. In addition to the firearms training, defensive tactics, verbal judo and communication skills, low-light techniques, and other training that we offer, officers are able to network with other women from around the country, who share their passion for service. The AG & AG culture ensures that friendships grow strong and women remain a part of a valued sisterhood.

No, all women in law enforcement are welcome! Nominate a deserving officer today!

Of course, if you want to get a membership to AG & AG, too, and support our org, that would be awesome.

TCOLE is the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, which serves as the regulatory agency for all peace officers in Texas, which includes sheriffs and their deputies, constables and their deputies, police officers, marshals, troopers, Texas Rangers, enforcement agents of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission, investigators of the Attorney General, game wardens, county jailers, and public security officers. All Texas peace officers must meet mandatory standards for training hours through TCOLE.

Texas officers will receive TCOLE hours for their training time at our Back the Women in Blue event. Officers outside of Texas will receive documentation that can be submitting to the appropriate agency in order to log training hours.

“Sometimes you take a training course, and you leave retaining one piece of good information. Then you take A Girl & A Gun sponsored training course and you return to your law enforcement duties with skills that will save a life and make you truly reflect on how important it is to train with your firearm,” said Sgt. Nichole Brimhall of the Elgin (TX) Police Department.

“I came away from this training with renewed purpose and confidence. That sort of thing can’t really be bought. I can’t thank everyone involved enough,” said Officer Cynthea Gunderson of the Crested Butte (CO) Marshal’s Office.

“Between the laid back environment, the excellent instruction, and phenomenal training facility, this was the best post-academy experience I’ve received so far. It impresses me that an organization like A Girl & A Gun with its sponsors was able to put on this event and create much needed support for women in law enforcement,” said Officer Lindsey Baker of the Hanover County (VA) Sheriff’s Office.

“A Girl & A Gun is such an incredible organization. The ‘Back the Women in Blue’ event gives females in law enforcement the chance to become more confident in skills that could save their life one day. I was honored to be a part of such an event,” said Officer Falynn Monk of the Nacogdoches (TX) Police Department.

“This event was by far some the best training I’ve had in my law enforcement career. The environment is amazing. A Girl & A Gun has not only provided this amazing training that I can use every day on the job, but has also allowed me to make long lasting friendships!” said Officer Amanda Jeske, Pflugerville (TX) Police Department.

“The ladies that came together for this training are some of the best female officers that I have ever met. We often have a hard time in this male-dominated profession, but these women are great examples for female officers everywhere,” said Sgt. Kat Silvia of the Dallas (TX) Police Department.

“It was extremely gratifying to see a tremendous amount of support for the badge that I’m very proud to put on every day to protect and serve my community. Every day, in every city and town across the country, police officers are performing vital services that help make their communities safer. Being afforded stellar training like this aids us in carrying out our mission with honor and integrity,” said Officer Meghan Vold of the Park Forest (IL) Police Department.

“The friendship bonds and camaraderie I made this week will stay with me forever. The incredible generosity of the event sponsors and the gracious efforts by A Girl & A Gun was awe inspiring,” said Sgt. Kimberly Gill of the Sunset Valley (TX) Police Department.


Round Rock Police Department

Public Safety Training Center
2801 N Mays St.
Round Rock, Tx 78665


Your distinguished dedication and support to our law enforcement will not only allow these well-deserving women an opportunity of a lifetime, but will instill confidence and encouragement that your company stands behind them.

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