A Girl & A Gun Conference Revolutionizes Training

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League is once again breaking barriers for women and girls. For the past seven years, the organization’s National Conference has offered 34 simultaneous live-fire training sessions over 3.5 days for 450 women. This year the 8th National Conference Presented by SIG SAUER will achieve something even more incredible: it will offer training to participants around the country through a new digital platform.

ELEVATE Goes Digital

AG & AG National Conference is the highlight of our year, as we gather with nearly 600 of our sisters, mentors, and friends. Unfortunately, today the State of Colorado issued a directive restricting events in the state for the next 8 weeks, so we are required to transform ELEVATE 2020 to a digital event.

Cold War Concealment’s Fayetteville Chapter Visit

This month, the Fayetteville, NC Chapter was pleased to welcome Clif Messick from Cold War Concealment to our Breakfast and Bullets event to demonstrate his holsters and magazine pouches. Each holster is individually hand crafted for your firearm. Cold War Concealment is an American made product from a veteran owned business, made from the highest quality of USA materials

Coronavirus Statement

We understand the growing concern surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) across our communities. As gun owners, you may have specific questions about how to keep your families safe, and we are here to support you every step of the way. We love safety, and we’re passionate about providing training and information that gives you the resources you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

In Quest of the Rifleman’s Patch: Ladyseed Marksmanship Clinics

Last September I had another fabulous opportunity to take the Ladyseed Marksmanship Clinic offered by Project Appleseed in my hometown of San Antonio. Since I took my first class two years prior and missed the previous year due to a work commitment, I was ecstatic to make another attempt at earning the coveted rifleman’s patch. […]

Purse Carry Option: Crossbody Carry for a GTM Shoulder Clutch

Although there are a group of vocal concealed carriers who are absolutely against purse carry, I believe this is a perfectly viable option. Most women carry purses on a daily bases and are already used to monitoring their purse constantly. By adding a gun to your purse, you must heighten your awareness of where your purse is at all times making sure your gun is not accessible to unauthorized users. Just like any other carry method, you must practice your draw. Taking these steps into consideration and purchasing a quality conceal carry purse, makes purse carry just another opportunity to protect ourselves on a daily basis.

SHOT Show 2020

This year SHOT Show officially commenced at the Sands Convention Center on Tuesday January 20th. But there already were events happening all over Clark County. Media day is huge and a much sought-after invite. It happens on Sunday before SHOT Show and is very exciting day. SIG SAUER held its range day at Clark County Shooting Center. Daniel Defense was out at Pro Gun LV for a VIP event. I want to tell you about some other smaller events that happen the weekend leading up to the Big Show.