Longview Chapter Takes Women from Fear to High-Fives

Longview Chapter Takes Women from Fear to High-Fives

Robin Emmel is excited about taking over as Facilitator of the Longview, TX, A Girl & A Gun Chapter. “It’s so fun and A Girl & A Gun is a great organization. They are so supportive.”

When the woman facilitating the Longview AG & AG chapter had to move, she asked Robin to take over. Even though Robin has only been at the helm for about three months and there are about eight members so far, she’s excited for the opportunity.

Robin’s story of becoming a Facilitator is a good example of one of the basic steps: “I am a military brat,” she laughs. “Dad was a drill sergeant so I grew up around guns my entire life. I knew about firearms and safety and hunting, but we never really got involved with other people and shooting. It was more like just hunting and going out to shoot a gun a little bit.” But after a divorce, Robin decided it was time to be more proactive about self-defense. “Longview Police Department puts on a great safety course, so I took it.” Then she found out about a beginner’s handgun class, took it, and then ended up volunteering with them for about three years. “I’m all about pushing myself and learning more, so I took the NRA Instructor course and the Range Safety Officer Course.”

When teaching, Robin says you have to have a lot of patience. Women in particular also need a lot of caring and hugs. “When they’re just starting out, many of them have never touched a gun. But it’s such a joy to see women go from being nervous and even crying, to being overjoyed and high-fiving me.”

When she received a Hoppe’s 9 gun cleaning kit from AG & AG HQ, Robin invited members to a gun-cleaning clinic, where they could take their handguns apart, clean them, then put them back together. “Just as we maintain our automobiles, it is critical that we maintain our firearms. If we are ever faced with a situation where we need to draw our firearms, we want to ensure it is there and operable when we need it. Casey Beddingfield with RLM General Contractors allowed us to use the conference room, and this was a great class! We had so much fun with it!”

Members had a great time as well. Beverly Wells said, “I love our new chapter of A Girl & A Gun. Last night’s gun cleaning class was EXACTLY what I needed. It’s one thing to see something on Google, but entirely different when you have a hands-on experience with such a knowledgeable instructor. It’s amazing to me how when you purchase a gun no one ever tells you the importance of cleaning your firearm and why.”

Carolyn Anderson was equally as appreciative. “A fine group of ladies having fun and learning together! Robin Emmel and Liz Popelar are wonderful teachers/leaders! I learn more each time I am around them! Thank you, ladies! See you on the range!”

Marcia Gibson adds, “This was very fun and educational. Bunch of neat gals who now have clean guns. Thanks Robin and Liz!”

For the future of the future of her club, Robin would like to see some members get involved in competition, like 2-Gun or 3-Gun. She admits, though, that a lot of the women are new to shooting so they aren’t ready to try things like that yet. She’s already planning additional clinics, such as concealed and open carry holster options for women.

Robin can’t say enough about the Longview, TX, Chapter and really encourages women who are considering shooting to come and check it out. “We have a great club, a great bunch of women. We’re here to have fun.”

You can find more on the Longview AG & AG Chapter.


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