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Let’s Compare: Mantis X10 vs Mantis X

I first tried the MantisX Firearms Training System back in 2017 and very much enjoyed it, and encouraged friends to purchase one as well. So, when I had the opportunity to try the Mantis X10 Elite – Shooting Performance System, I was excited to see the changes. And after all, my friends are waiting to hear if they should upgrade.

Mantis Laser Academy Review

I don’t know about you, but dry firing can be pretty boring and monotonous. I’m always looking for something to make it more fun, otherwise I can’t ever even do it for 15 minutes.  So, when the opportunity to review the Mantis Laser Academy standard kit came up, it was at a perfect time. I […]

Dakota Overland: Wise Beyond Her Years

Talking to Dakota was a delight. The 15-year-old is very thoughtful in her responses, taking a few moments to compose what she wanted to say. Dakota has done interviews across the globe and has even met with members of Congress with The DC Project. She started shooting in July of 2015 when she was just 12 years old. Twelve! In this article, she shares wise advice for junior shooters and their parents.

Michelle Pickett Encourages Women to Be Adventurous

Often times when talking with women about joining AG & AG, Pickett says women will respond, “I’m not sure, I’m not good with big groups of women.” That’s understandable as so many women remember the “mean girls” from high school. “But I tell them, “It’s not what you think, it’s very different.” When we get together, everyone is on the same playing field. You’re as good as the person next to you. Even the pro shooters are sweet and gracious to everyone.” “Just try it. Jump in with both feet and try it,” advises Pickett. “Be adventurous. It will make a world of difference in your life, emotionally and personally. It’s amazing.”

Heather Eckert Gives Back to the Community Through Training

Eckert’s says that her biggest joy is seeing women grow, women who come in and are intimidated at first. “One came in saying she wasn’t a really good shooter and now she is. She’s all smiles. Seeing that lightbulb come on, that’s so rewarding,” beams Eckert.

Dene Adams Body Shaping Thigh Holster Shorts Helps You Welcome in Spring

One of those options for carrying under a longer skirt or sundress is the Dene Adams Body Shaping Thigh Holster Shorts. I initially had a few concerns. Would the fabric be heavy and hot, feeling like a girdle? Would the trigger be safely covered in a fabric holster? I’m happy to say I can answer “no” to the first question and “yes” to the second.

Julie Creason’s Unusual Find at SHOT Show

While most people attend SHOT Show to find the latest and greatest guns and gadgets, Julie’s find was a women’s shooting league that brings fun and sisterhood to the women she teaches and shoots with. “To go last year and not know anything about A Girl & A Gun, and then to see them at SHOT Show this year launching new things to keep us challenged and excited, is phenomenal,” she beams.

When You Are Disqualified in a Match

We all worry about it. And stress about it. And panic about it. What are some of the reasons shooters get DQ’d? And what really happens then? A few of the ladies who DQ’d at the 2017 A Girl & A Gun’s Brownells Ladies Multigun Fall Festival share their stories.

Team Troy’s Ursula Williams Says Jump in and Have Fun at Fall Fest

Ursula has advice for shooters attending Brownells Multigun Fall Fest, especially first time competitors. “Don’t be scared, everybody there is there to help regardless of a jersey or not. Don’t think you can’t talk to the women wearing jerseys,” she laughs. “And watch the women not wearing jerseys, they can be kicking butt just as much. A Girl & A Gun brings in a lot of new women shooters. It’s the most welcoming group. So don’t be scared to try anything and just listen and learn. Ask questions. Some of the best knowledge I’ve gathered has been at their events. And then just have fun!”

Preparing for Fall Fest with Tina Martin-Nims

Tina Martin-Nims is a pro shooter, with many sponsors. She will be attending this year’s very popular A Girl & A Gun Brownells Ladies’ Multigun Fall Festival, where she will be teaching a section of Guided Stage Strategies, the Know Your DOPE course, as well as two sessions on “Gear Tips & Tricks.” She has some great tips to pass on to competitors to help prepare for Fall Fest as well as any other competition.

Troy Industries Listens to Cindy DeSplinter

As part of the Troy team, Cindy DeSplinter recommends which prizes Troy donates to matches. “My favorite part of working with Troy is their support of women in the industry. I’m not the best shooter but it’s all about representing the sport and empowering women to get into shooting, and Troy is very supportive of that.” Through Troy Industries’ generosity and support of women in the shooting sports, competitors have a chance of winning one of over 100 Troy items at Brownells Multigun Fall Festival.

Anniston Baluyot – Not Your Typical Teenager

Anniston, a remarkable teen, has some sage advice for women shooters. “Don’t be intimidated by the guys and competing with them. I can see now that I can hang with the top guys and be competitive. Don’t get discouraged, there’s always room for improvement. Even if there is something they are doing and it doesn’t work for you, keep trying. You will find something that works for you.”

Show Your Personality with a Unique AR

Unique ARs has 33 different hand guard designs and a custom department with a design team to help people create their own designs. If you are ever in the McCall, Idaho area, you are welcome to stop in at Unique ARs and take a tour. And while they don’t have a store-front, they do have a display rack with every design they make. “It’s a great opportunity to touch and feel the weight of each one,” smiles Katie.

Come Shoot With Me! Christi Tate Tells How to Invite Other Women to Shoot

Christi says, “I invited the women to shoot with me. It’ll just be fun, the camaraderie and shooting together again. I wouldn’t know any of these gals if not for the Brownells Fall Fest match. We started getting to know each other on Facebook before we met personally. Now, we have women, most who are members of A Girl & A Gun, coming together from all over to shoot. It just takes being creative and getting the people. Why can’t we do this everywhere?”

Brownells Fall Fest Teaches Eloise Vogel Her True Strengths

Eloise Vogel had barely handled a rifle or shotgun until three weeks before AG & AG’s Brownells Multigun Fall Fest Match. But it turns out she is the mother of World Champion pro-shooter, Robert Vogel, and future mother-in-law of pro-shooter, Jessica Hook, who encouraged her to register. Eloise says, “The thing I learned the most about myself is that I can do more than I thought I could do. I’m stronger than I thought I ever was. I’m very proud of myself for stepping up to something major. If you would have told me a few years ago that I would be shooting an AR or a shotgun I would have told you that you were nuts,” she laughs. “I’m proud of experiencing something new that not a lot of people are able to do or choose to do.”

How A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League Changed My Life

Nancy Keaton says, “Joining A Girl & A Gun has seriously changed my life; that is no exaggeration. I’m much more confident and much less fearful. I step up to challenges I would have avoided at all costs before. I went from being afraid of guns, to enjoying them, to moving while shooting, to competing – all things I never thought I would do! I no longer tell myself “never” about anything.”

Amanda Suffecool Goes All-In for Firearms Education

Amanda Suffecool is the Director of the nonprofit REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition (, which offers free seminars to churches, teens, women, etc., a concealed carry instructor (Targething Firearms Training) and a radio talk show host (Eye on the Target Radio). She says, “As an engineer, I get how things work. Once I figure that out, I can present it different ways. And then I tell women, ‘Don’t be afraid. Give it your best. Be safe and build your skills. That’s all there is to it.”

Jenna Jones, Ambassador for Junior Shooters

13-year-old Jenna Jones is a Junior Ambassador for other young women shooters. She says, “Be sure you are very confident in the 4 Rules of Firearm Safety, and then just jump right in and try. That’s the best way to learn.”

Never a Dull Moment for Winchester’s Laci Warden

“Three years ago if someone would have told me that I’d be in this industry, shooting, hunting AND that I’d love it, I would have thought they were crazy,” says Laci Warden, Media Relations Specialist at Winchester Ammunition. And now not only does she hunt and loves it, she gets to arrange hunting trips all […]