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Conference preparation is in full swing

The 2nd Annual AG & AG Training Conference is ramping up to be an incredible event!  From March 21-23, 2014, members from around the country will gather in Waco, TX, for fun, surprises, and the chance to spend time with the country’s best instructors, including:

Annette Evans
Auristela Moctezuma
Austin Davis
Caleb Causey
Cindy “Shotglass” Love
Coni Brooks
Diane Walls
Dianna Liedorff
Gabby Franco
J.J. Schroeder
Jennie VanTuyl
Jennifer Langsdale
Kathy Jackson
Karl Rehn
Lisa Looper
Lynn Givens
Marty Hayes
Michele Byington
Mike Hughes
MJ Adamcik
Nikki Turpeaux
Rhonda Esakov
Scholastic Pistol
Tamara Shelley
TIGER Valley
Tom Givens
Tracy Hughes
Vic Fredlund
Vicki Kawelmacher

Participants have seen the course catalog and are eagerly awaiting registration, which will happen next week. Live-fire sessions are mostly full, but there is still room for new registrations at the Convention Center for simulated shooting training, including dry fire, SIRT pistol courses, and a laser shot simulator machine, in addition to many informative and inspirational classroom session. To learn more, visit:

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