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Longview Chapter Takes Women from Fear to High-Fives

When the Longview TX Facilitator received a Hoppe’s 9 gun cleaning kit from AG & AG HQ, Robin invited members to a gun-cleaning clinic, where they could take their handguns apart, clean them, then put them back together.

Tanya Gorin Lets Her Passion for Firearms Show

Tanya Gorin says that her romance with firearms began at the early age of five. “My father is a firearms enthusiast and as a way to control curiosity, taught my sisters and me gun safety via Eddie Eagle while we were young. Plinking with Dad turned into a passion that led me to competitive small […]

From No Guns to Rocky Mountain 3-Gun and 3GU

Denise Johnson is no stranger to AG & AG 3-gunners. For the past two years, she has been the Match Director of AG & AG’s 3-Gun UniversityTM and she and her husband, JJ, run the Rocky Mountain 3-Gun matches. Denise tells us all about how she transitioned from competitor to RO to match director, and […]

Randi Rogers’s Life is Made of Many Happy Accidents

Randi Rogers has been shooting since she was 11 years old. After 18 years in the industry, we wanted to find out more about her experiences in the different types of shooting sports. Nancy Keaton: Tell us about your background. How long have you been shooting/involved with firearms? How did you get involved? Randi Rogers: […]

CanCan DoesDoes

Everyone raves about the CanCan Holster, so what could I do except try it? I’ve been thinking about it for a while and just decided to go for it. But nothing is ever that simple, is it? I went online to order it and measured myself to see what size to get. Of course, I’m […]

Gun Goddess for All Your Shooting Needs

Athena Means doesn’t have a background in shooting. She’s not an instructor. She became a gun-owner for self-defense, then went on to the fun stuff like IDPA and USPSA. That was a turning point for her as she simply got tired of searching for women’s shooting items for herself. But she does have a background […]

Is the Glock 42 the Ultimate Carry Option for Women?

Here’s my simple answer – it depends. Let me explain. First of all, this is not a discussion of stopping power and caliber. I want to talk about size, ease of carry, ease of use, and dependability. I am a small woman, and a “mature” (read: 56-years-old) woman. My hands are very small and I […]