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Everyone raves about the CanCan Holster, so what could I do except try it? I’ve been thinking about it for a while and just decided to go for it. But nothing is ever that simple, is it? I went online to order it and measured myself to see what size to get. Of course, I’m a tweener. At the top end of the medium, at the bottom end of the Large. Ugh, what to do, because you know – fat days. Then I went to a local gun store and pulled the medium out of the package and help it around my hips. “No way,” I thought, “that won’t work at all.” I also wasn’t sure how I’d like the eye-hooks, like bra hooks. Would they give me enough flexibility on where to wear it on my body.

So I called CanCan Concealment and ordered the large Classic Hip Hugger Holster for compact handguns so I could carry my Glock 42. The customer service was wonderful, nice people to talk to. The holster came quickly was exactly as expected.

I tried it on and thought, “Yep, perfect, glad I got the large.” It fit just right. However, once I put my pants on over it, it bunched a bit. But it was fine wearing it low around my hips. However, besides being a tweener, I’m also short-waisted. Most of my pants, particularly my work slacks, come up higher on my waist, so I really can’t wear the holster very low or the grip of the gun is completely covered by my pants.

So now what? It’s always fun worrying whether you should send something back, did you buy the wrong thing, are you just wearing it wrong. But instead of sending it back (remember those fat days I’m concerned about) I went back to the local gun store and bought the medium and an extension. Yes, I really do fluctuate that much in my weight around me belly. I figure I must not be the only one though…

I got the medium home and played around with it. It actually worked great with my work slacks and didn’t bunch. I didn’t appear to need the extender but it might just be a non-fat week. So having worn it for awhile now, I’ve decided that I really like it. I was worried the rubber-type material would be really hot, but I think it actually keeps it cool. It doesn’t roll up or over with my little fat rolls. It stays in place very comfortably. The gun stays in place just fine, as well as the extra magazine. I like that there are other pockets where I can put my phone because I often just stick my phone in my waistband.

I was worried that with the medium being a little tighter that it would make me have bigger rolls. On the contrary, I have the same rolls, but the holster actually slims me a little bit. It also makes me more conscious of sitting and standing straighter, I think because of the slight pressure around my belly, so ironically it is also helping my posture. And about those eye-hooks? They are fine, I just kept trying to struggle and fasten them with the CanCan positioned below my waist and finally figured out, duh, fasten it up nearer my ribs where it’s loose, it’ll be much easier.

I have not, however, had a chance to wear it in really warm weather yet to know how hot it will feel. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and while we had record heat last year, chances are we’ll get our typical two or three days at a time this year. So I don’t know if I’ll really get the opportunity to check the warmth out.

So what am I doing with the large? One thing I really liked about it is that it really did fit just right over the outside of my yoga pants with a loose shirt. I think that will be good for walks, and possibly even in the summer it may help to reduce heat wearing it outside the pants.

I also like keeping all holsters that I try, because I like having different ones available to me for different guns, different outfits, different weather, and of course, fat days. But I also like having them available for my friends to try, so that they can actually try them out before deciding whether to spend their money on one or not. Besides – those darn fat days.

Bottom line – I can see why everyone is raving about the CanCan, it does what it claims to do and is very enjoyable to wear. Just pay attention to their advice and order the recommended size.

Robyn’s Two Cents:
My CanCan Shebang is my go-to holster. I normally wear a 20/22, and I have an XL with an extender. The trick to keep it from sliding or rolling is to have it almost too tight. Also, wear it directly on your skin or clothing that it can grip to. I position it centered on my body, so that the muzzle of my gun points between my legs and not into my femoral artery when I am sitting. I love the versatility of the one holster that lets me carry my little 9mm Shield in yoga pants or my larger .40 Glock 23 when I wear jeans. If you’re a bigger girl like me, don’t pass on the CanCan before giving it a try.

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