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Athena Means doesn’t have a background in shooting. She’s not an instructor. She became a gun-owner for self-defense, then went on to the fun stuff like IDPA and USPSA. That was a turning point for her as she simply got tired of searching for women’s shooting items for herself. But she does have a background in public relations and since, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” she started Gun Goddess, an online store.

Your first question might be, “How did she come up with the name, Gun Goddess?” It’s as simple as it is clever. Athena is Greek, and the name “Athena” is a Greek Goddess, the daughter of Zeus. According to Wikipedia, “She is noted to have only fought for just reasons, and would not fight without a purpose.” What a perfect description of most gun owners!

When Athena decided to start her business, she originally just thought she’d carry range gear, apparel, t-shirts, etc., basically things she herself needed. “Then it mushroomed and took on a life of its own,” she laughs. “I found purses and holster, kept looking and finding more cool and appealing things.” Her intention is to bring everything under one roof, to assist gun-owning women by having one site where they could get everything online that they need to support their shooting hobby and lifestyle.

Athena took about six months to research products and find sources. She’s a bit of a perfectionist and wanted to make sure she did it well. There were no real obstacles, she says, “Just a lot to learn and more than I ever anticipated to setting this up.” One lesson she has learned is that social media plays a big role in online retail.

Asked about her demographics, Athena says she has a higher percentage of male customers than she anticipated. Some are buying for the women in their lives, but some are also buying for themselves. “I have some great quality products that are unisex, like some holsters,” she explains. Steering wheel column holsters are a big seller for both men and women.

While not wanting to promote one product over another, Athena does tell us that other hot-selling products include the Dene Adams Corset, the Can Can Hip Hugger, and, “The Flashbang is always a big seller,” Athena says. She also has engraved Glock parts like magazines and floor plates. Customizable holsters are one of her personal favorite products. “I love that a customer can put their own design on a holster. I would love to have more of that, items people can make their own,” she explains.

But how did she become a sponsor and vendor for A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League? “I met Julianna [Crowder] at SHOT Show, we chatted, and I loved the concept of A Girl & A Gun. I like how it’s being run as a club, the motivation and ethics behind it. It was just a natural connection to make,” Athena explains. “I love supporting and getting involved with women’s shooting events. Getting the product in the hands of customers and being visible to the market is important but encouraging women to participate is just as important. It’s fun watching a woman as she wins that certificate from the prize table,” she laughs.

Athena started as a vendor, then moved on to sponsoring events and providing prizes. She plans on attending events such as the national conference, but will be going as a participant rather than a vendor, although she will still provide those coveted prizes.

“For me it’s also just about encouraging someone to try something different, to try to get her own product. I want the woman who doesn’t carry on a daily basis to find a new holster that works for her, so that she will carry. It’s about always being protected and carrying in a way that best suits their lifestyle and activity level. Ultimately I want to encourage non-gun owners to own, and non-carrying women to carry, and non-competitors to compete.”

Athena future plans are simple. “I’m happy with just being an amazing source of a lot of great products.” But she doesn’t rule anything out. “I’ll take it as it comes and see what opportunities present themselves.” A one-woman show since launched, she finally has some customer service help. She plans to focus on getting more help and delegating some work so she has more time.

Athena has some final thoughts about A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League – “What I love about AG & AG are the relationships women have with each other and the facilitators. There’s a certain spirit that’s there no matter the experience level of the participant, it’s a special bond that helps make women feel comfortable and confident with guns.”

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  1. One of the Melbourne, Fl A Girl & A Gun chapter members purchased a corset holster and brought it to the meeting last night. Everyone loved it! THANK YOU!

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