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Youth Member Gracie Shaw Wins Scholarship to 2A 3-Gun Junior Camp

AUSTIN, TX — A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) announced Gracie Shaw is the recipient of a scholarship to a 2A Heritage Junior Camp. The organization is sponsoring registration fees for the AG & AG youth member to attend.

“Gracie is a remarkable girl and we are proud to help her develop shooting skills at the highest level,” says Julianna Crowder, Founder of AG & AG. “We love seeing girls gain empowerment and confidence through the shooting sports.”

Gracie’s mother, Raychel Shaw, agreed, “I’m so excited to watch her grow in this sport! We’ve tried so many things with her, softball, piano, etc., and I never saw a spark until 3 gun! The support and encouragement she received from the shooting community is transforming my timid, shy little girl into a confident young lady! It’s even affecting her confidence in other areas, like school work and reading aloud in Sunday School!”

2A Heritage is hosting two Junior Camps during the summer of 2016. Only 25 campers have been accepted into each event. Classes will take place on the first two days of camp, followed by a match-style shoot the final day. Campers will receive instruction on pistol, rifle, shotgun (basic), long-range rifle, shotgun on the move/slugs/buckshot, advanced pistol skills, and transitions and stage planning.

AG & AG is also hosting a pizza dinner for the participants and their parents during the camps.

About 2A Heritage Junior Camps

2A Heritage 3-Gun Junior Camps are fun and educational shooting events for junior 3-gun competitors. Staffed by professional shooters who “pay it forward” with the gifts of their time and talent, 2A Heritage provides exceptional events for boys and girls. Campers attend classes on pistol, rifle, and shotgun techniques, as well as skills to improve competition rankings. In addition, the organization helps to create responsible citizens and grow American traditions in firearms sports. Learn more at

About A Girl & A Gun

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) is a club by women shooters for women shooters. The league breaks barriers for women and girls in pistol, rifle, and shotgun sports by welcoming beginners to learn the basics of safe and accurate shooting and providing experienced shooters with advanced-level opportunities. Girls (ages 10-17) can join AG & AG as Youth Members, when their parent or guardian (mom or dad) is a member. As a part of the organization, she receives a personalized AG & AG designer name tag and an official membership card. Register at

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