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You’re Invited to Fall Fest 2023

If you’re not registered already, join us at AG & AG Fall Fest 2023! Would you love jump in and compete in a variety of pistol, rifle, and shotgun stages? Are you wanting to try something new in a supportive girl-friendly environment? Are you wondering if you have experience to participate in competition? Let me personally invite you to join us at Fall Fest!

The 8th Annual AG & AG Fall Festival will take place from Oct. 2 to Oct. 8, 2023, at the beautiful Lucas Ranch in Cross Timbers, MO.

3-Gun University

Spend 2.5 days with pro shooters to learn skills and strategies to help you in the Multigun Challenge. You’ll be on the range practicing your pistol, rifle, shotgun (or PCC) manipulations so that you can go into the match with confidence (yes, you do have to be registered for the match to attend 3GU). These days let you “settle in” to the environment, make new friends so you feel comfortable and supported, and give you new information about your gear and guns.  It’s worth every penny, which is why some students enroll year after year!

We have 3 different classes this year to focus on specific skillsets to help your journey. The beginner and advanced classes are full, but there is room in the intermediate class. If you have a few matches under your belt and want to improve your ranking or build your confidence, register for the “Picking up the Pace” class today! Only a few slots left!

The Fun Shoot: Team Pistol Challenge

Be prepared to smile and laugh all. day. long! The Team Pistol Challenge is taking place on Friday with 6 bay stages that you tackle with a teammate. You shoot some targets, she shoots some targets, you both shoot some targets, you tag-team, and work your way through the course of fire together. Invite a friend who excels at IDPA, USPSA, ASI, or another action pistol sport! Come up with a fun team name and costumes! Lewis Class cash prizes are up for grabs!

The Grand Finale: Multigun Challenge

Put your skills to the test in 8 fun and challenging multigun stages, which are taking place Saturday and Sunday (10/7-8). Stages will be mostly natural terrain to take advantage of the beautiful venue at Lucas with jungle runs and some distance targets. The match includes a draw-dropping prize table and fantastic swag for participants! 

This is the perfect match for all lady 3-gunners, whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned competitor. You’ll be on a squad with these rockstar pros to answer your questions and help you along the way. Anticipated round count will be 175 pistol, 175 rifle, 150 bird, and 10 slug.

Meet the Team

Adam Willcox is this year’s Match Director. He is an avid 3-gun competitor and is a well-loved CRO at our previous Fall Fest and National Conference Rangemaster. Adam has created fun stages based on input from a variety of competitors. He will pull out all the stops for fun and challenging stages at every turn!

AG & AG President & CEO Robyn Sandoval is the Event Director. Of course, it takes an army of talented people to make Fall Fest a success. Robyn is assisted by Jamie Devney (facility), Cindy Coker (3GU), Rob Hall (stats), Theresa Scheider (food), and an incredible team of CROs and ROs for both matches.

Is Fall Fest for You?

If you have shot a pistol, rifle, and shotgun, and understand the fundamentals of marksmanship and safety… you can come to Fall Fest! New shooters are certainly welcome as long as you are familiar with the functions of the firearms. If you don’t have a lot of experience as a competitor, that is ok, too! Fall Fest is an incredible experience for the new competitor as well as the seasoned competitor who wants a challenge and a good time shooting with her girlfriends.

What kind of match is it?
Fall Fest is actually 2 matches. First, we have a 1-day Team Pistol Challenge that includes fun pistol stages that you tackle with a partner. Second, we have a 2-day Multigun Challenge (pistol, rifle, and shotgun -OR- PCC). You’re welcome to register for one or both matches!

How do I get started?
Register today at  You’ll want to make your travel arrangements (and all of the info is listed on the webpage). If you’re new to competition, consider attending 3-Gun University to help you learn more of the terminology and skills you’ll be using. It’ll also help you meet new friends!

Where can I learn more?
Visit and go through the FAQs listed. Most of your questions will be answered. If not, reach out! We hope to see you there!