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How will I know when to use force or deadly force?

There is a very fine line on when to use force and deadly force to protect person and property. If you read the Penal Codes of your state you will see that they are as clear as mud. It is paragraph after paragraph of what is reasonable, if this happens then you do this, or if you think this will happen you can do this. Unfortunately the Penal Codes are written in such a way we can’t really live within the rules they give us word for word, but we will be judged how we acted within their guidelines.

The most important question you can ever ask is, how will I know when it is time to use deadly force? If and when you ever find yourself in that moment of truth, here is a checklist that will run through your head. Your fight-or-flight will do a quick inventory of your options and depending on your circumstances will determine your permissible level of force.

There are two instructors that brought about a renaissance for me not only as a gun owner, but as an instructor and activist for firearms education especially dealing with the law. Massad Ayoob and Tom Givens offer powerful, truthful teachings of what is waiting for you on the other side of the law. If you have the opportunity to take a class with either of them, preferably both, DO IT.

The information used in this article is from Tom Givens, Rangemaster.

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