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Why You Should Buy Your Own Gun

Congratulations!  You are in the market for a new gun.  You are interested in being an education consumer and have started out on the path to firearms ownership, or you may be starting this adventure to appease someone in your life that really wants you to know about guns. Either way, let’s learn about how you can choose the right gun for you!

How it Fits Your Hand

Purchasing a firearm is a very exciting thing to do.  Fit and personal preference is just as important for choosing a gun as it is for choosing clothing or shoes.  How can I compare a gun to your shoes?  Well the minute you try on new shoes you know if it will be your next favorite shoes or ones you take off immediately because you feel where the blisters will form.  There are real, legitimate, physical, and kinetic reasons why guns fit everyone differently, and that you really do need to “try them on for size.” How a gun fits your hand is so important that I wrote an entire article on the subject.

You Know What You Like

Many times the men in our lives purchase the gun they think we will like, but more often they get the gun that they like! There is also the industry standard “ladies pistol” that usually look like a good choice — and most of the time it is the wrong selection.  The reasons will vary from uncomfortable recoil to a poor fit, it is more pretty (or ugly) than functional, even down to the wrong gun for the purpose (carry vs home defense vs competition, etc.) in which they want you to have it.  I meet women every day that come in for a lesson and bring the gun their husband, dad, brother, or friend gave them.  Most of the time they leave the lesson wanting something different and don’t have the heart to tell their sweet man that they don’t like the gun. It was a gift, usually presented with love and pride, but it may not be the right gun for you.

Knowledge Is Power

There is nothing more liberating than walking into the gun store and having an idea of what you are looking for.  Do some research and find out from other women what they have found success with shooting.  A Girl and A Gun events and Chapter Facilitators are a perfect resource.  Our leadership as well as members come in all ages, sizes, and experience levels that offer wonderful insight on what works for “the real, everyday woman.”  You can also look for product reviews from reliable bloggers, magazines, and gun shop employees that will take care of your needs and not just try to sell you a gun.

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