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What is ‘New Shooter Friendly’?

If you’re new to gun ownership, you may be seeking firearms training, concealed carry classes, or beginner classes that are right for you. We often see “New Shooter Friendly” in the description of events, classes and matches, but what does it really mean?  It can mean a few different things, so let’s discuss. 

A Girl & A Gun Girl’s Night Out

At Girl’s Night Out (GNO) and many other chapter events, this phrase means, “Seriously, you don’t need to know anything or own anything. Just get here and we will take care of you.” Come check us out! Reach out to your Chapter Facilitator before your event, so she can give you some guidelines on range etiquette and the PPE (personal protective equipment, such as eye protection and hearing protection) that you’ll need to bring. If possible, meet with your Facilitator for a private lesson before Girl’s Night Out, so that you have some fundamental knowledge of gun safety, how the firearm operates, and the range environment for when you meet with the group.

A Girl & A Gun National Conference

“New Shooter Friendly” at National Conference means that you are a relatively new shooter. You have come to some GNOs and maybe have taken an Intro class or private lesson, but you still consider yourself a newbie. At Conference, instructors will teach you how to safely transport guns to the firing line, holster/draw techniques, stance, grip, trigger press, and the basics of handgun manipulation. You will not only gain a huge boost in confidence, you will acquire the foundational gun-handling skills that you will need for the journey! You’ll be inspired and prepared to return home and take additional training classes to advance your skills.

A Girl & A Gun Fall Festival

Although Fall Fest does have a training component with our 3-Gun University clinics, the curriculum addresses techniques for the sport of 3-gun and not the foundational mechanics of operating the firearms. In other words, you’re going to learn how to play a sport, not how to shoot your gun. “New Shooter Friendly” at Fall Fest means that you know how to run your guns, have an understanding of safe handling and marksmanship, and want to play the game that is competitive shooting. Fall Fest can be your first major multigun match — we have you covered with some great coaching, so jump in!

Non-AG & AG Events

There are many wonderful gun clubs, matches, and educational opportunities that are advertised as “New Shooter Friendly,” but it is difficult to know what that truly means. It could range from “I have never touched a gun before” to “I have never competed in a major match before” or anything in between. We encourage you to find out!  Send an email or Facebook message to clubs and instructors that are advertising beginner events to ask them what “New Shooter Friendly” means to them. Knowing their definition lets you know if that activity is right for you and will give you assurance that you’re in the right place at the right time.

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