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What Do Women Want in a Gun Shop?

Survey Results: Best Range/Store Features for Women

Recently, we received an inquiry from Tim and Jeanette Blakeley, who are building a gun store in Cameron, North Carolina, with the goal of it being “the perfect gun shop for women.”

Although they are only building a gun shop at this point, they are considering adding an indoor range later. As part of the discussion, they began wondering what other amenities they could add that would attract women to their venue.

Tim and Jeanette reached out to AG & AG and asked for feedback, so we published a survey — and here are the results!

What Women Want

Women were asked some demographic questions such as age, gender, and home state. Then a variety of amenities were provided and respondents were asked to rate each one as “Necessary,” “Preferred,” “Useful,” or “Unimportant.”

Necessary Amenities in a Gun Shop/Range

The most important factors to women in a gun store/shooting range include:

  • Women want to be able to buy ammo on site.
  • Women want to be able to rent guns to try before they buy.
  • Women want an indoor classroom for training.
  • Women want access to instructors, especially those who host AG & AG events.
  • Women expect a range to be at least 25 yards.
  • Women find value in having a range membership for additional perks.
  • Women want to be able to purchase guns on site, so make sure you have an FFL and that the guns you use in your rental program are also available for purchase.

Stats: amenities women stated are NECESSARY:

Ammo Retail65%
Gun Rentals49%
Indoor Classroom47%
Indoor Pistol 25 yrd45%
Firearms Retail44%
In-House Instructors40%
Range Membership40%


A comment section was included in the survey, and many of the comments echoed similar preferences.

Overwhelmingly women emphasized the need for clean bathrooms at the venue. The cleanliness of the facility in general was frequently mentioned in comments, as well as being well-lit and organized. The lighting in the parking lot also goes a long way to make women feel welcome and safe.

Many women also prefer having other females on staff — at the gun counter and/or instructors/RSOs in the range/classroom.

Women were consistently interested in classes and trainings, from the very basics of the lingo to gun cleaning to AR builds. Of course, AG & AG members wants to support ranges that support AG & AG events.

Rental programs are also very encouraged. The ability to try-before-you buy for not only guns but for concealment and competition gear was of interest to most women. Shot timer rentals during range time would also be greatly appreciated.

Preferred Amenities, But Not Required

Amenities women PREFER are outdoor pistol and rifle lanes, electronic targets and monitors, concealment purses, bags, and packs, and contracted instructors in addition to the on-site instructors.

Amenities they would PREFER:

Outdoor Pistol 25 yrds46%
Outdoor Rifle 100 yrds41%
Electronic Targets & Monitors40%
Women’s Specific Retail (Concealment Purses, etc.)39%
Bags & Packs Retail38%
Contracted Instructors37%

Useful Amenities

Specialty amenities that women enjoy would include outdoor pavilions, indoor and outdoor archery, low-light experiences – and a little long-range rifle fun.

Amenities women would find USEFUL:

Outdoor Pavilion50%
Outdoor Archery49%
Low-Light Capacity47%
Indoor Archery46%
Outdoor Rifle 1800+ yd45%

Amenities that Women Do NOT Want in a Range or Gun Store

The things that are UNIMPORTANT to women are very clear. The things that are UNIMPORTANT:

Rappelling Tower74%
Fitness Area61%
Mat Room/Dojo57%
3D Archery51%

Survey Respondents

128 women submitted the survey. 41% were in the 51-60 age group. Followed by:


Most of the respondents have a lot of experience with visiting different types of ranges:

Been visiting gun ranges for around 10 years40%
Been visiting for the past year or so28%
Been visiting for a long time17%
Been visiting gun ranges for your entire life9%
Just recently started visiting gun ranges7%

Survey Results

This input is helpful not only to Tim and Jeanette, but for others who are considering retail stores and ranges and want to make sure to appeal to the largest growing demographic of gun owners – women!

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