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Virtual Learning for AG & AG Members

During the 2020 pandemic, in person AG & AG events came a screeching halt across the country. Leadership was left with the question of how to keep the membership engaged and how to provide education while not being able to meet in person.

Welcome to the world of Virtual Girl & A Gun. AG & AG came up with a brilliant idea of Virtual GNOs (Girls Nights Out) and it was a roaring success. Suddenly ZOOM was a daily word in most of the world’s vocabulary. It became an essential tool in our need for human interaction. The pandemic lockdowns were difficult for many; as humans we require contact with others.

They were such a success that after the world reopened, the GNOs have continued. Two GNOs are scheduled each month. The first focuses on the AG & AG monthly value from the Shooting Journal and is presented by a Chapter Facilitator. The second is usually presented by Tatiana Whitlock (AG & AG’s Director of Training) and focuses on that month’s pistol skill.

The GNOs follow along with the Shooting Journal. The AG & AG Shooting Journal is an invaluable tool. It is designed to be a progressive training program for dry practice and range time. It is a free download to all members. It can also be purchased as a bound copy but is available for members only.

There are also bonus GNOs. Sarah from Hold My Guns discussed suicide prevention, Adam from Weber Tactical discussed holsters, Tes from The Tactical Games discussed fitness, Brian from Mountain Man Medical discussed tac-med, and more.

The GNOs can be viewed live or recorded. Typically, about 200 members watch it live or that evening, and then another 800 watch the recording over the next two weeks. Past recordings are available for members to watch at their convenience. It’s another opportunity for learning and more perks of membership!

For more information, see Virtual GNOs ⋆ A Girl and A Gun.

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