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Virginia: A Call to Action

Dear A Girl & A Gun Nation:

You are probably aware of the situation happening in Virginia. The state legislature has passed laws that will turn hundreds of AG & AG members into felons. They will make it illegal to teach gun safety or host a Girl’s Night Out at the range. They will shut down all the ranges where our members and friends shoot. And they will strip law-abiding citizens of their ability for self-protection.

The proposed laws intend to outlaw nearly every semiautomatic pistol and rifle, require gun registration, allow for gun confiscation, and create many more gun-free zones. Through the establishment of over 100 “sanctuary counties,” local law enforcement officials have declared that they will not enforce these unconstitutional laws. Governor Ralph Northam vowed to activate the National Guard to enforce the laws. There is a rumor that the state government has threatened law enforcement with unemployment, loss of benefits, and loss of pensions, so that they will be compelled to enforce the legislation.

It is time for us all to get involved. This Monday, January 20, 2020, is Lobby Day at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond. If you can, please go. Organizers are hoping for over 100,000 gun owners to attend. Contact Candy Eubank, Doswell Chapter Facilitator, if you want to travel with AG & AG sisters. Dress in your everyday apparel and represent our community in the most respectful way. Be vigilant against potential confrontations that attempt to discredit law-abiding gun owners, know your exits, and keep your head on a swivel. Arrive as early as possible, even though events begin at 8 am with committee meetings starting at 9am. The rally on the Capitol Steps begins at 10 am. Know the rules.

If you can’t attend, contact your elected officials and tell them to vote NO against these unconstitutional laws. If you live in another state, donate to the organizations that are fighting this fight, including the Virginia Civil Defense League.

This is not just an issue for Virginians. This is an issue for all American gun owners. Share this information with all your friends who care about freedom.

With hope,
Julianna Crowder, Founder
Robyn Sandoval, Executive Director

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