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USCCA AR-15 Instructor Course Wraps Up 2022

KILLEEN TX ( — On Dec. 5-7, 2023, 13 A Girl & A Gun Chapter Facilitators gathered in Killeen, TX, for the USCCA AR-15 Fundamentals Instructor Certification Course. This curriculum was one of the newest USCCA classes, developed in response to the popularity of the AR-15 platform.  According to the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation), Americans own more than 20 million AR-styled rifles. 

Why is the AR-15 so popular?  It is lightweight and versatile.  It is used in competition shooting, home defense, and it is just fun and easy to shoot.  It’s often referred to as the LEGO of firearms because it allows unlimited options for customizing and accessorizing.

This newest USCCA class is intended for the new AR shooter but is scalable to any student level.  It covers fundamentals, zero verification, efficient use of the AR-15, accessorizing, and maintenance.  It is also specifically designed for training at close range (5-10 yards), which is the average distance of most self-defense incidents.

AG & AG Facilitators represented 13 different chapters hailing from Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Michigan, and Virginia.  The ladies prepared for the class by zeroing their rifles and completing an online e-learning curriculum. 

The Instructor Development class was presented by USCCA Training Counselors Beth Alcazar and Jennie Cruz – and it was especially incredible to have women teaching women! Gavin Glasenapp was also on site to lend his expertise, since he developed much of the curriculum. 

This 3-day course had a different focus each day.  Day One allowed the instructor candidates to experience much of the end-user range drills. Day Two reviewed the drills from an instructor development perspective focusing on how to present the material and layer each teaching concept upon the next. Day Three initiated a role reversal where the instructor candidates were the instructors, presenting classroom teach-backs and running range exercises. The ladies had to demonstrate proficiency in both environments.

While the instructor candidates worked to earn their instructor certifications, so much more was gained by each person at the event. New friendships were forged.  There was a lot of laughter, a few tears, some frustration, and an immeasurable amount of support. Every woman was not only working towards her personal goals, but she also wanted everyone else to succeed. 

This was another fantastic opportunity that AG & AG hosted in partnership with USCCA. AG & AG makes so many incredible opportunities to their leadership and membership. And what makes it even more unique as an organization is that the Executive Director, Robyn Sandoval, was there training right alongside everyone else. 

This instructor credential allows these women to bring additional training opportunities home to their chapters across the nation. As more women fall in love with the AR-15, AG & AG leaders are able to teach them the fundamentals and grow their skills and confidence with the platform.

This Girls Getaway was an extraordinary way to wrap up 2022, and we can’t wait to see what is on the AG & AG calendar for 2023. It’s going to be EPIC!

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