Upland Adventure 2021: High Grass and All

Upland Adventure 2021: High Grass and All

It’s always a great time when you can join an A Girl & A Gun Girls Getaways and the 2021 Upland Adventure did not disappoint!  Five members from Texas, Missouri, and Nevada met up with AG & AG Mentor/Trainer David Miller of CZ-USA Field Sports and his dogs Guinness & Sailor, in the small town of Greensburg, Kansas. Hunting skills ran the gambit from the first-time hunter to the very experienced which made for an amazing learning environment.

An awesome perk of small group A Girl & A Gun Girls Getaways is that one of the HQ Leaders always accompanies the group. This trip was hosted by AG & AG’s Founder, Julianna Crowder. Julianna doesn’t get the chance to shoot with the membership very often, so our members were impressed with her skills behind the shotgun and appreciated her constant cheering and mama bear love during this tough two-day hunt.  

Upland Inn and Hunts is based out of Greensburg, which is situated in central Kansas.  This true middle America small town was devastated by an EF 5 tornado in May 2007. It feels good to support a small town that survived such a horrific natural disaster with an AG & AG event, and truly aligns with our moto of It’s More Than Shooting.  Another very interesting attraction and local tourist site is The Big Well, a 109-foot-deep hand dug well! If you ever find yourself in Greensburg, make sure to stop in at the museum that shares the history of The Big Well, the town and the destructive tornado. 

The 3rd annual hunt brought us near 80-degree temps and clear skies on Day 1.  This was a marked contrast from the previous year when we were bundled up like the little brother in a Christmas Story in the snow; and this year we were in short sleeve shirts sweating it out.  Day 2 was 15 degrees cooler with some strong winds. That’s Kansas for you! The change in temperature and hard winds adds a new level of difficulty to the hunt, requiring a team effort to get the roosters down as they flushed up in front of our line.  It was interesting to see the dogs work in the varying extremes of the weather, and which dogs could work longer in the heat and which ones are more adaptable to the cold.  The best part of this year is that the entire group hit their daily limit everyday by lunchtime, so that meant an afternoon off to explore the town and a nap!

The “grass” in Kansas cannot be explained until you’ve experienced it first-hand.  Its like walking into the ocean, first to your ankles, then your knees, then your hips, and a few places all the way up to your chest.  The fields home to not only the pheasants, and you can see where the deer bed down at night and will frequently have to navigage around a badger hole under your feet, add in all the little birds you see, it’s a beautiful place to be. Walking the “grass” is no joke as it is a full body work. You can expect to walk 4-8 miles a day at a slow pace, but the work you feel in your core, hip flexors, and upper body is significant.  

Susan B. of Missouri was our first-time hunter this year. Although she a bit nervous upon her arrival, she said, “What I didn’t expect was the camaraderie of everyone helping the new girl on her first pheasant hunt.” She added, “Plus, I can now add to my story, that I have walked across the fields of Kansas. High grass and all!”

Robyne G. of Texas was the most experienced hunter of this alumni group.  It is always a treat to spend time with Robyne and learn from her experiences. When asked why she likes to join the AG & AG annual pheasant hunt, she responded, “it’s always great being around like-minded women in a sport that is predominantly men!”   

And that’s the truth, as it is with so many adventures AG & AG has taken over the last decade, the communal style lodging and meals makes for a fun experience, since our group significantly changes the demographics of the room during food service.  Per usual, some of the guys are not sure if we are kitchen staff, a wife of hunter or what, it’s always good entertainment to watch them figure us out.  Of course, with our boundless enthusiasm of chatting with our fellow hunters gained respect for our knowledge and skills, not only for this trip, but for all we do in the world of firearms.  Sidenote- if you are thinking of joining us in 2022, don’t worry about the communal lodging thing; we stay down the street at the local hotel!

CZ-USA Field Sports is a Signature Sponsor of AG & AG. Reba H. of Texas and I (Eileen K. of Nevada) were both able to hunt this year using the CZ Shotguns that we won at the AG & AG Clay Extravaganza.  Having Dave Miller hunting and guiding the group is a priceless experience and one we are so grateful that he loves to share every year with the members of AG & AG. 

I absolutely love the outdoors and challenging myself. I grew up never wanting to hunt, never considering hunting, and have totally surprised myself by being out there in the fields.  Being able to face this challenge was so much easier because I was able to do it with my sisters in a small supportive group.  I say it often, but it is so true; “It’s more than shooting!”

We are now all back home with our free-range organic birds, but more importantly we are home with the wonderful memories of walking the tall grass fields of Kansas with our friends. 

The next Upland Adventure in Dec 2022 is open for registration! Join Us!