Training, Training, and More Training

Training, Training, and More Training

Firearms Safety and Range Etiquette are the highest priorities of A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League. Through numerous avenues we offer members the ability to learn more about safety, skills, and techniques to improve accuracy.

Here are some of the ways our members receive training:

1. Training Slides. We created simple slides for anyone to reference at any time. You can easily learn:
The 4 Rules of Gun Safety
The 5 Basics of Accurate Shooting
Pistol Grips: Approved, Not Recommended, and Dangerous Grips to Avoid
Pistol Sight Picture and Alignment
Trigger Control and Trigger Pull

2. Membership Card. When each member receives her membership card, she receives safety reminders and the 4 Rules. Our membership card accompanies additional information about the mission of AG & AG.

3. Training Documents. Because women join our organization at all different skill levels, knowledge levels, and comfort levels, we enjoy providing training materials so that so that all of our members (regardless of experience) receive the same information. After a member joins, she receives The Four Rules by Kathy Jackson of The Cornered Cat and Basic Pistols Skills by Lynn Givens of Rangemaster. Both of these documents offer training tips on how to be safe and improve your shooting skills. (Not a member? Join today!)

4. Leadership Team. Our Facilitators are all NRA-Certified Instructors. This is important because members can be assured that all events are run by someone who has made an investment in her training by attending professional classes to learn safe gun handling and accuracy drills. This is more than a fun group; we have a mission to ensure that our members learn correct techniques while having fun.

5. National Conference. Participants attend six to nine training sessions depending on the schedule of classes selected. Sessions include live-fire instruction at the range in pistol, rifle, & shotgun. Indoor simulated training sessions cover everything from the very basics of firearms safety and marksmanship as well as sessions to teach how to effectively use gear and equipment for personal defense and/or shooting sports. Plus, participants hear from speakers on relevant topics for women on education, recreation, and competition in today’s shooting world. Registration for 2015 is now open!

AG & AG members not only have access to fun events, but they have the ability to learn a great deal about firearm safety and skills. Through online, printed, and event-driven material, AG & AG delivers unparalleled training to our members.

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