Rotate Your Ammunition and Magazines

If your ammunition is never exposed to extreme fluctuating heat or cold for extended periods of time then you may never have to replace it; however, it is simple to follow this routine and do monthly maintenance of your firearms. If nothing else, this affords you an extra opportunity to inspect your ammunition and your firearms to ensure they are fit for protecting your life should you ever be in the situation to need it.

4 Components of a Cartridge

There are several different words used to describe ammunition: bullets, shells, projectiles, rounds, shot, slugs, cartridges, munitions, etc. In reality anything can be used as ammunition, whether it be a stone you are throwing or words you are using in an argument. In the world of firearms it is most commonly referred to in the informal context as “ammo.” Many people call them bullets, which to some is like nails on a chalkboard because the correct term for firearms ammunition is “cartridge.”

Ingenuity and Frugality: Money-Saving Cheats

These cheats can add up to hundreds of dollars over the course of a season. If you aren’t a sponsored shooter and are playing on your own dime, or you are just getting started on a limited budget, every little bit helps. This may even be a make-or-break proposition for a mom who is trying to squeeze a new hobby out of an already stretched family budget. The possibilities and savings are endless – if you pay attention and use a little ingenuity.