Clearing a Stoppage with Tap/Rack/Back

When a shooter, regardless of level of instruction, experiences a stoppage, you must go through our standard correction steps. They are simple and effective, and above all, the safest and fastest way to put the gun back in battery. Just as you know your firearm safety laws, you should know your rapid clearing steps and use them every time. The TAP-RACK-BACK drill, also known as the immediate action drill, is a simple process to effectively deal with a minor malfunction.

How to Grip a Handgun

A proper grip helps better manage recoil and muzzle rise, and helps a shooter with accuracy, speed, and retention. The hands should be as high on the gun as possible. The handgun should fit in the hand to be straight like an extension of the shooter’s arm. The support hand’s fingers should wrapped around the front of the strong hand, so that all four fingers overlay the three lower fingers of the strong hand. While the strong hand squeezes the pistol with front-to-rear pressure, the support hand clamps pressure from the sides. This gives 360-degree pressure on the pistol providing a stable grip.