Cold War Concealment’s Fayetteville Chapter Visit

This month, the Fayetteville, NC Chapter was pleased to welcome Clif Messick from Cold War Concealment to our Breakfast and Bullets event to demonstrate his holsters and magazine pouches. Each holster is individually hand crafted for your firearm. Cold War Concealment is an American made product from a veteran owned business, made from the highest quality of USA materials

Purse Carry Option: Crossbody Carry for a GTM Shoulder Clutch

Although there are a group of vocal concealed carriers who are absolutely against purse carry, I believe this is a perfectly viable option. Most women carry purses on a daily bases and are already used to monitoring their purse constantly. By adding a gun to your purse, you must heighten your awareness of where your purse is at all times making sure your gun is not accessible to unauthorized users. Just like any other carry method, you must practice your draw. Taking these steps into consideration and purchasing a quality conceal carry purse, makes purse carry just another opportunity to protect ourselves on a daily basis.

A “Girly Girl’s” Take on the Gen II IWB/Pocket Remora Holster

By Barb Miller. This review of the new generation Remora low-profile, no-clip, IWB holster is coming strictly from a female perspective, and I’ve been as open and honest as possible in giving these holsters a fair shake. They are pretty amazing, well made, easy to use, offer comfort, and safety. The magazine holder did its job well and was small enough for me to put in my pocket. There are certainly times when these holsters will absolutely fit the bill!

Dene Adams Body Shaping Thigh Holster Shorts Helps You Welcome in Spring

One of those options for carrying under a longer skirt or sundress is the Dene Adams Body Shaping Thigh Holster Shorts. I initially had a few concerns. Would the fabric be heavy and hot, feeling like a girdle? Would the trigger be safely covered in a fabric holster? I’m happy to say I can answer “no” to the first question and “yes” to the second.

3 Safe Places for Your Self-Defense Pistol

By Tammy Hunter. There are three safe places for your self-defense pistol: (1) in your hand, (2) in your holster, or (3) locked in your safe. Once you’ve made the decision that a handgun will be part of your self-defense plan you must learn new habits and routines to ensure the 24/7 safety and security of that tool.

Is A Concealed Carry Purse A Good Option For Me?

A Girl & A Gun has several wonderful vendor partners that offer various options for carry on and off the body. Recently we added a few concealed carry purses to the AG & AG store from two of our vendor partners and wanted to open the discussion on how to decide if this option is right for you. When choosing to carry in a concealed carry purse, here are some questions you might ask yourself:

Am I forgetful about where I leave my belongings?
If you have a tendency to leave your stuff in the bathroom stall, a store, in a friends car, or misplace your purse at home or work you need to seriously consider the following questions to determine if you are prepared for the responsibility of off body carry. For many this is a huge personal shift and brings a higher level of awareness and responsibility into many areas of your life.