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Lead Exposure and Lowering Lead Levels

In February 2024, Ranae Knapp learned that her bloodwork showed a lead level of 37.7. A normal level is below 5. She got to work researching the effects of high lead levels, how to counteract lead, and what steps she could take to protect herself. 

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Healthy Living

Lead Management Made Easy!

Gun safety is undoubtedly the primary focus of all shooting activities, both on and off the range. However, one element of gun safety that can

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Learn to Shoot

Modern School Supplies: Ballistic Shields and Tourniquets

This is parenting in the modern age: educating our children about a variety of threats and giving them tools and skills to stay safe. It is very difficult to educate children about a potential school shooting without scaring them. Simply making them aware of basic safety concepts and first-aid skills will go a long way to keeping them safe.

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Being Your Own First Responder

Traveling with a Trauma Kit

If you carry a gun or knife you seek out training, but basic first aid and trauma kit training are so important and often forgotten.

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