Top 10 Gifts for the Gun Girl in Your Life

Top 10 Gifts for the Gun Girl in Your Life

When shopping for the firearm enthusiasts in your life, the possibilities are endless! There are so many items that you could wrap up with a pretty bow on top! Here are our Top 10 when it comes to a gift guide you could use all year round:

1. Membership to A Girl & A Gun

With locations nationwide, a robust online community, and hundreds of discounts and special offers for members, the annual membership to A Girl & A Gun quickly pays for itself.  Accomplishments, friendships, and memories made with AG & AG are priceless!

2. Training Courses

Continuing to learn and progress with skills in personal defense as well as competitive or recreational hobbies is always a valuable gift.  Research instructors in your area, along with National Top Tier Instructors for a broad range of topics.  Stepping outside the comfort zone is the best way to learn and grow.

3. Training Tools

There are several great gadgets and training aides to not only entertain us when we can’t get to the range, but also offer vital training for muscle memory and reflex to keep skills sharp.  Check out our favorites in the AG & AG Store and the Vendor Partner Page

4. Range Membership or Day Pass

A range membership can fit any budget as little as a $20 daily rate to an annual fee of a few hundred dollars.  Knowing what kind of shooting sport most interests the recipient will help you make the right choice! Here is a list of Ranges that currently host AG & AG events!

5. Range Bag Essentials

This is a huge category! The range bag itself is Step 1.  She might need a mega-sized range bag that fits all her gear as well as a mini bag for quick trips! Range bag essentials include everything from ammo, cleaning kits, spare parts and tools, various sized pouches for guns, mag loaders, lead-off wipes, and personal accessories, like eye and hearing protection and belt/holster systems. We have many recommendations for quality Range Gear to help you narrow it down.

6. Targets

The options for targets are endless.  Gifting a collection of skill builders and entertainment targets is sure to make their next range visit fun and focused.

7. Approved Travel Cases

This is an investment that many firearm enthusiasts don’t realize they need until a trip comes up and sometimes purchase the wrong item in a rush.  A pistol, rifle, or shotgun hard case that is approved by TSA would be a welcomed gift could make you the favorite this year!

8. Upgrades on Sights and Optics

This is a very personal accessory for every person and firearm.  Factors involved are a person’s eyesight and preference for irons, night sights, red dot, or magnification added to the requirements of the firearm make this gift idea ideal for a gift certificate! Unless of course through casual conversation you can get the heads up on her wish list! 

9. Security Options

As responsible gun owners there is always a need for storage options at home, at work, in the car, and while traveling.  Tactical Walls offers a variety of mirrors and shelving units and you can search for custom tactical furniture if you want to get a little more of the secret agent vibe. Console Vault offers vehicle safes for your EDC, and there are also companies that provide solid solutions for securing long guns and gear bags in your truck. Vehicle safes are some of the hottest selling car accessories as gun owners want to protect themselves against smash-and-grabs. 

10. Guns, Guns, and More Guns!

Every gun girl needs a variety in her collection — just like shoes you can’t have too many, and you need one for every occasion! Maybe the perfect gift is a new gun, or a new-to-her gun if you have a firearm you want to pass from your ownership to hers. Be sure to follow the legal dos and don’ts for purchasing guns that will someday become a gift.

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