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Tom Givens, Mike Hughes, and others heading to conference

Some of the industry’s best are heading to Waco in March 2014 for our A Girl & A Gun 2nd Annual Training Conference! Are you going to be there? Reserve your spot today to join these exceptional instructors:

Tom GivensTom Givens is the owner and lead instructor of Rangemaster. For over 35 years Tom has trained security officers; law enforcement officers at the local, state, and federal level; and foreign government agents. He holds a Master rating in 3 IDPA divisions, and has won state and regional championships in both IPSC and IDPA. He is the author of 5 published textbooks plus over 100 magazine articles. He is certified as an expert witness on firearms and firearms training, giving testimony in both state and federal courts.
Mike HughesMike Hughes is the Founder/CEO of Next Level Training and inventor of the SIRT training pistol. A patent attorney, mechanical engineer, and an IPSC Grand Master shooter, Mike was a finalist on Season 3 of the hit show Top Shot. He is passionate about fitness and what he has termed “high volume, self diagnostic firearms training.”
Kathy Jackson is a Certified Rangemaster Instructor, Judicious Use of Deadly Force Instructor, and student of the industry’s best. She is an instructor for prestigious The Firearms Academy of Seattle and adjunct instructor for the Massad Ayoob Group. She is the author of The Cornered Cat: A Woman’s Guide to Concealed Carry. Kathy serves as Director of Training for AG & AG and is an alumni instructor from Conference 2013.
Lynn GivensLynn Givens is an instructor at Rangemaster and the Lead Instructor for the Ladies Training Program. Because of previous experiences with a stalker, Lynn works extensively with women facing similar problems. She was on featured on the cover of Concealed Carry Magazine and in At Home Tennessee magazine. Lynn has taken every course offered at Rangemaster and holds numerous certifications.
Nikki Turpeaux is the Owner/CEO and Lead Instructor of Archangel Tactical and Founder of the Get A G.R.I.P. Personal Defense & Firearms Training Program. She is an Ambassador in the 5.11 Tactical Training Alliance Program — the first civilian and first woman in this position. Nikki is a handgun, shotgun, rifle instructor; public speaker; and author. She is an alumni instructor from Conference 2013.
Tracy HughesTracy Hughes is the owner of Safety and Defense Solutions, a firearms training and consulting firm in the Greater Houston area. She is an NRA-certified firearms instructor, Texas Concealed Handgun instructor and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management. Tracy also owns Brilliant Backstraps, a company that adds a little sparkle to firearms.  She is an alumni instructor from Conference 2013.

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