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The GunBox Handgun Storage

One of our newest vendor partners, The GunBox, has developed a unique and innovative approach to handgun storage that allows easy access but with a sensible approach. Using RF and biometric entry options, The GunBox allows you to have assurance that your handgun is stored safely but able to be retrieved quickly and most importantly, responsibly.

Overall, I am pleased with the product and would definitely recommend it. Read below for more details on the The GunBox that I tested, which had RF and biometric accessibility.

Specifications: The exterior is made of aluminum alloy so is very lightweight at 4.7 pounds. The exterior dimensions are 11.6” x 10” 2.7” which is comparable to most handgun storage boxes. I was able to fit my Glock 34 in it without any problem. I initially tested it on my kitchen table but then moved it to my bedside drawer, which is where I would store it. The drawer I tested it in is short, not allowing the lid to open very far, so I was pleased to see you can insert a clip to allow the lid to open to a 45 degree angle. With this clip, I was able to open the drawer and access my handgun without any issue. While you would want to keep The GunBox plugged in, it does have a battery backup that kicks in when electricity is not available.

Ease of Use: Programming The GunBox was very easy and resulted in flawless results every time I changed it. The device can be set to allow for RF and biometric entry or just RF or biometric entry alone. This was a good feature that allows you to customize the best approach for entry based upon your individual needs.

As a parent, I wouldn’t chose to use the RF entry only as once the RF device is in hand, anyone can open the unit with a simple wave of the hand. However, for those families that don’t have children, this is quite a nifty feature as the RF sticky label can be placed on a credit card or any hard surface of an item. You also have an option to use the RF wristband or ring. This option allows for the quickest access with little thinking required in a time of crisis.

By adding the biometric entry option as well, you can feel assured that even if someone got ahold of the RF device, they wouldn’t be able to get in to the storage box. This is added security for thieves as well as curious children. The biometric option worked exceptionally well when testing as I could move my finger in any position and it still recognized me. In a crisis situation, this will allow for quick entry without having to think about how to place your finger at the right angle.

In addition to having multiple access entry options for security, The GunBox has a feature that can be activated by the flip of a switch to alert you if the storage box is moved. Once moved, a very loud audible peep will continue until the box is opened. This will certainly let you know when your children have become curious about the box or most definitely not allow a thief to take the box very far without being noticed.

One additional feature is the 2 external USB ports The GunBox has on the back of the storage box. If you chose to keep The GunBox outside of a drawer, such as on your bedside table, this allows for charging your cell phone or other similar device.

Cost: The GunBox has 4 separate purchase options. These prices do not include the wonderful 10% discount that AG&AG members receive so be sure to get the coupon code before purchasing.

  • RF only – $299.00
  • RF and biometrics – $319.00
  • RF, biometric, GPS tracking, 24/7 monitoring, tracking and alert notification – $495.00
  • RF, biometric, and an RF Ring – $388

The option to purchase additional RF sticky labels, rings and wristbands is available as well.

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