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Texas Chapters Tackle Scenarios

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, ten A Girl & A Gun members from the Cypress, Pearland, and Spring TX Chapters attended a one-day training session with Texas Combat Systems at the Impact Zone in Hempstead, TX. The goal of the training was to tackle scenarios that mimic real-life events that may occur in one’s home or vehicle. By training in this way, AG & AG members can be prepared with the proper mindset and skills necessary to defend themselves and their families.

“I enjoyed being able to offer this exclusive A & AG class to the local area chapters,” says Josh Crosby, Lead Instructor for Texas Combat Systems and also an AG & AG National Conference instructor. “While the ladies began the day with with a basic awareness of self defense, they progressed through obstacles that exist in home and vehicle defense situations. They left the class more aware of their surroundings and were able to build their skillsets for survival in a deadly force encounter.”

The morning session featured home-defense training working on barricades, doorway tactics, and target identification under stress. Josh ran the ladies through multiple drills pushing them to answer questions about the legality of lethal force inside the home. They examined the pros and cons in selecting the proper home defense weapon.

After lunch, students learned vehicle defense and worked through the tactics of shooting from inside a vehicle, shooting through a windshield, and exiting a vehicle and engaging a threat. The ladies then went through force-on-force scenarios where they had to make deadly use-of-force decisions and then their actions were evaluated.