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Tell Your 2A Story

Too often we don’t believe that we are the voices of the 2nd Amendment, but we are the MOST important voice. And the voice that needs to be heard! I am invigorated to protect my rights and want you join me. 

A Girl & A Gun has over 6,000 members and we need to be a loud and resounding voice. Females “bring a new face and voice to this issue” according to Catherine Mortenson, former NRA spokesperson.  Our stories resonate.   So how do we voice our opinion and influence the gun control crowd & legislation?  WE TELL OUR STORIES!

Dianna Mueller of the DC Project says that it is important to be “focused on safety through education instead of legislation.” She stresses that we need to be our own first responders (she would know because she is a retired law enforcement officer). But in order to continue to be our own first responders we must protect our rights. We cannot sit on the sidelines and leave it to someone else. 

Why is your story important and what makes it effective?  Each of us has our own story on how we became involved in AG & AG and the firearm community.  Our stories are unique, they are memorable, and they make us relatable.  Anyone can throw out facts & figures. There are 100s of studies that all contradict each other, but how can anyone refute your personal experiences? They cannot.

Robyn Sandoval, Executive Director of AG & AG, said at the 2018 Gun Rights Policy Conference that she is “taking the word ‘MOM’ back” from Moms Demand Action.  She said in her speech, “I’m not afraid to have hard conversations.”  That really resonated with me.  We cannot be afraid to have those conversations, and we need to be prepared.

Remember we all have stories.  So, if someone who is “anti-gun” wants to argue with you, get them to verbalize their experience.  Listen to them and validate their feelings.  Maybe they’ve had an event in their life that has formed their opinion.  Or maybe they just have really bad information.  Communicating with them will help open a dialogue.  Will you change their minds?  Maybe not but at least we can plant seeds about the 2nd amendment and why it is so important to us.   

We all know that Twitter and Facebook has its share of “keyboard warriors” that love to scream and yell behind their anonymity.  That is exactly why face to face contact is so important.  But that’s not to say that social media platforms are to be ignored.  But use it in a positive & more effective manner. There’s nothing better than posting a fun short video at the range (but assure that all safety protocols are being adhered to).  Share the happy faces of a woman who has overcome her fear of firearms and invite her say why she’s smiling ear to ear. 

But I know you’re thinking:  Who wants to hear what I have to say?  When am I ever going to be asked?  It’s not will I be asked about 2nd Amendment; it’s WHEN?  So be ready.  

You don’t need to have 100s of facts and figures at the ready.  You don’t need to know every SCOTUS case.  Have your story ready.  Personalize it.  Be proud of it.  Steer away from it’s my constitutional right argument.  It’s not as effective as you might think. The constitution can be broad & vague; and honestly the argument is a bit tired.  Stick with I HAVE A RIGHT TO LIFE; and a God given right to defend my life.  So, Tell your STORY!

Use this PDF to craft your story and have effective conversations about your 2A rights.

I implore you to become involved on a local and state level.  Most gun control is happening at the state levels and we need to be present.  Know who your legislatures are and put them on speed dial.  Don’t think your voice doesn’t matter.  When a bill is coming up for debate; you have the right to go and voice your opinion.  I can guarantee you that Moms Demand will be bussed in there and we have to OWN THE SPACE.  We cannot allow them to run the debate

Again, you don’t need to know every statistic.  Just speak up and tell YOUR STORY!

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