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Tallahassee chapter has carbine fanatics

A recent carbine clinic in Tallahassee created AR fanatics in the chapter. Members loved the carbine clinic so much that 2 members went out and purchased ARs, and 4 signed up for a Basic Carbine class with Talon Training.

During the Basic Carbine class members learned how to assemble/disassemble and clean the AR along with basic fundamentals of operation. They went through a series of drills: shooting from different positions including on the ground, weak hand, over barricades, through ports, etc. They learned to shoot on the move, and competition and combat reloads. They also learned how to zero their sights. The final stage of the day required them to implement all the techniques learned while John from Talon created distractions and challenges. Our ladies nailed it!

None of the members had any true experience with ARs prior to the clinics, but they are loving the carbine courses. They learned what skills they need to practice and they are excited about shooting! Facilitator Carmen Rasmussen says, “We will be adding 2 and 3 gun competitions at our range beginning in January.” She is also adding carbine events to the monthly calendar in addition to their regular GNOs. You can find the more information about the Tallahassee Chapter at

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