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Take Caution When Transporting Firearms

By Conference Instructor, Josh Crosby

The term “jugging” refers to a crime that law enforcement officers are investigating on a daily basis. In years past, jugging was prevalent around the holidays and Christmas shopping, but now is a common occurrence for firearms throughout the year. Jugging is simply a surveillance plan by thieves, and then once they locate a target, they take the first opportunity to break into the vehicle or residence and steal the items.

While the current firearm market is suffering from backorders and ammo shortages, the black market reflects the same demand and firearms are selling at a premium. Firearms, especially long guns, are very distinctive in their cases/bags/boxes and a high-value target to criminals.

Thieves are watching shoppers walk out of gun ranges, gun stores, outdoor stores, and sporting goods stores, and load firearms into their vehicles. The vehicle is followed until an opportunity presents itself for the thieves to pounce. Often a window is broken out of the vehicle before the owner has even made it inside of the building, the gun case is pulled out, and the suspects drive away.

When you leave your range or gun store, avoid running any other errand besides driving straight to a location to secure your weapons. Make sure that your car is filled up with gas before your trip to the range, so you do not have to stop at a gas station. Please take care to plan your day around your firearms transportation, and be keenly aware of your surroundings. You can always call 911 if you suspect you’re being followed.

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