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Top 10 Female Shooters

Recently I was approached by a gentleman whose wife was beginning to show interest in shooting. He wanted to introduce her to women who are “the best shooters.” I tried to explain that being “the best” was a relatively subjective term, and there are many different types of shooting sports and activities, so it is difficult to compare across genres. However, I compiled a list of 10 exceptional women shooters that everyone should know.

December 2020 Recap

December marked a fantastic end of 2020 for A Girl & A Gun! We gained new members, new chapters, new host ranges, new gun owners, and new sponsors! Here are our highlights for December and 2020.

Central Utah Chapter Thinks Outside the Box

The Central Utah A Girl & A Gun chapter offered a wide variety of training opportunities throughout 2020. Facilitator Coni Brooks introduced members to different firearms platforms, shooting sports, safety skills, and life skills, and had a great time doing it!

League City Chapter Lit Up the Range

December brought exciting activities for the League City, TX Chapter of A Girl & A Gun. The chapter continued its tradition of lighting up holiday targets! Fourteen members shot at specially made targets, and then put in Christmas lights in the holes. The chapter shot tree targets last year, so this year they made wreath targets.

Helping Women at the Gun Counter

When a woman consumer approaches your gun counter, be welcoming! She may be an educated consumer or she may be new to firearms – either way, help her have a positive experience.

Racking Your Pistol Slide

Many women lack the arm and hand strength of men, and this can be very evident at the gun counter. It is not only frustrating for some women, but it can be embarrassing, too. However, knowing the right techniques, women can rack the slides of most guns very easily.

Flagler County FL Chapter Growing

The Flagler County, FL, Chapter kicked off in September with their first Meet & Greet, and Facilitator Kathleen Robinson has created a great community of training and friendship. Kathleen recently sent a newsletter to the chapter members giving highlights of the past few months.

NJ Chapter Off to Strong Start

Facilitator Ronnie Seigel says of the women of New Jersey, “They are taking the ride of their lives!” The New Jersey chapter has more than thirty members, with three ladies earning training credentials to serve on Ronnie’s A-Team, which help her lead the chapter. The chapter’s holiday shoot included instruction on target transitions and then […]

Review: Left of Bang

In Left of Bang, authors Patrick Van Horne and Jason A. Riley outline the principles of the US Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter program. This program gives soldiers a way to identify and communicate pre-incident indicators. Being able to do this before an attack, or left of bang (as pictured on a linear timeline) can mean life or death in combat. While the authors use the context of combat, they do provide civilian examples at times in the book. At several points I noted how observing villagers in Afghanistan isn’t much different from observing people at the local mall. The framework of this program can definitely apply in many different walks of life.

Shooting on the Move

Shoοting while moving is an advanced skill that requires practice and training; however, it is an important skill that most shoοters will want to work on. It is unlikely there would a defensive scenario when you would stand face-to-face with a gunman like a old Western duel. Get off the X! Move! Get to safety as fast as possible. If you’re a competitor, there may be stages when you move then shοot, but there may be some that require shοts while moving, too.

November 2020 Recap

November was a month for advocacy, training, and welcoming more gun owners who want to learn to protect themselves and their families. It was also a month for Thanksgiving and gratitude for our times — virtual and in person — that we were able to gather at the range. Here are our highlights for November.

Firing a Shot

Just as any professional basketbaII pIayer spends decades going over the basic mechanics of shοoting a free throw, a gun owner must repeatedly practice these basic mechanics of firing a shοt.

Facilitator Spotlight: Sandra Kozero

Sandra Kozero is the AG & AG Chapter Facilitator of the San Antonio, TX, Chapter. She was a founding member in 2011, and has served as the Chapter Facilitator since 2015.

Your Pistol’s Safety Features

Most pistols have safety features to help prevent an accidental or negligent discharge. Some safeties are external and easily seen on the gun, while some are internal safeties that prevent a round from being fired if the gυn is dropped or struck. Early revolvers did not have any safety mechanism, so the hammer rested down on an empty chamber so the handgun would not fire, but most modern double-action revolvers have an internal safety, either a transfer bar or hammer block, to prevent firing without a trigger press.

How to Change a Pistol Magazine

Removing and inserting a magazine into your pistol is a basic function that new shooters must know, but it is also an important task that needs to be done correctly so that you develop muscle memory with the right habits. If you plan to use your pistol in a defensive situation, then you will need […]

October 2020 Recap

In October, A Girl & A Gun crisscrossed the country for training and matches, bringing new opportunities for women to learn and compete. As always, we were movers and shakers in the firearms industry. Here are our highlights for October.

Keeping Hand Warmers on Hand

One of the items that is usually in our event swag bags is a hand warmer pack. As the weather gets cooler, it’s a great opportunity to spotlight this little item that makes a big difference! Hand warmers are a great item to keep in your range bag because you’ll never know when you’ll need […]

3Q2020 Match Winners Announced

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) proudly announces the winners of the 2020 3rd Quarter League Match. Congratulations to all who participated this quarter!

AG & AG Members Jump Into Competition with ASI

Our local members regularly participate in ASI and have invited family, friends and neighbors. Regular attendance at our range is usually 35 – 50 shooters. I can echo their enthusiasm for ASI. As the Match Director, introducing this low-key shooting discipline has been a positive and enriching experience.

Galveston-Area Chapters Welcome LouKa Tactical

On Oct 17-18, 2020, AG & AG Galveston-Area Chapters hosted an Advanced Pistol 2 class with LouKa Tactical.  Cindy Scott from the League City Chapter, along with her A-Team and several members, also welcomed Reba Hennigan, Facilitator of the Beaumont chapter, and Kat Joel-Reich, Facilitator from the Alvin Chapter. In all, 18 ladies attended the […]

Fall Fest 2020: Community and Competition

Group photo by Dan'niel McKnight #PhotosByDanniel

The 5th Annual A Girl & A Gun Fall Festival Presented by GLOCK took place from October 6-11, 2020, at CMP Marksmanship Park in Talladega, AL. The Multigun Challenge included 83 competitors from 21 different states. The Multisport Challenge included 71 competitors from 20 different states.

Shot Groupings

A tremendous amount of insight can be obtained about a shooter’s skill level by looking at how bullets hit a paper target. The shooter’s consistency and skill are revealed by the tightness or looseness of the shot groupings, the measurement of the proximity of bullet holes to each other on a target.

September 2020 Recap

A Girl & A Gun made a difference in September 2020 in a number of ways. We gave back to law enforcement with an exceptional training event for officers and we were honored to be invited to several speaking engagements and events. Here are our highlights for September.

The 180 Rule

Whenever you are holding a firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, it is imperative that you keep it facing a safe direction. More specifically, you must obey the 180 Rule. The muzzle of your gun may NEVER break the 180-degree plane — the imaginary line that extends to your left and right on the shooting line. If you pivot your body, the line doesn’t move with you. It stays anchored to the targets and parallel with the back of the berm.

Why Join A Girl & A Gun?

In addition to the valuable tangible and intangible benefits of being a member, here are a few more reasons why joining a Girl & A Gun is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself.

Take Caution When Transporting Firearms

The term “jugging” refers to a crime that law enforcement officers are investigating on a daily basis. In years past, jugging was prevalent around the holidays and Christmas shopping, but now is a common occurrence for firearms throughout the year. Jugging is simply a surveillance plan by thieves, and then once they locate a target, they take the first opportunity to break into the vehicle or residence and steal the items.

One-Handed Shooting

While shooting with a two-handed grip is ideal, there are many times when a shooter may have to shoot with one hand.