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Stay Safe on New Year’s Eve

If you’re preparing to sing Auld Lang Syne with friends and family on New Year’s Eve, make sure that your safety plan is in place. Keep Your Head on a Swivel in Public Because of COVID, many large gatherings have been reduced in capacity; however, if you venture out, remember to be aware of your […]

How to Introduce Your Kids to Your First Gun

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is making many families rethink their family safety plans. If you have made the choice to purchase a firearm for home or self defense, it may spur questions from your children or you may be looking for how to best introduce your children to a new gun in the home. This article helps you navigate these conversations.

How to Store Your Firearms

Part of being a responsible gun owner is properly securing your firearm at all times. When you purchase your first firearm, you should be researching the training classes that you want to take on how to safely and proficiently use it, and also consider the safe or storage options you are going to use to secure it.

Coronavirus and Violence at Home

Part of the culture of A Girl & A Gun is empowering women and families with the ability to take control of their person safety. The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for resources in our community for those who may face violence during the shelter-in-place mandates.

Beyond the Basics: Eye and Ear Protection

“Always wear eye and ear protection.” “Eyes and ears!” We hear it. We abide by it. But have you ever really thought
about it? Will your gear meet the standards that you require when you need them

Holiday Safety Tips

Fall and winter welcome cold weather, holidays, parties, and guests! As you enter the holiday seasons, be mindful of safety for your family and friends. Here are several safety tips to help you develop your safety plan.

Keeping Kids Safe: Gun Storage

By Sandra Kozero. Responsible citizens who own firearms understand that this decision comes with the enormous responsibility of knowing that this chunk of metal and springs can cause serious injury, if not death, to living things. Regardless of why people own firearms, guns absolutely MUST be safely secured from the underaged, the uniformed, and the unlawful (minors, people who do not know how to safely operate firearms, and criminals). This article is aimed at protecting our children – all our children; however the same techniques can also be used to secure firearms from other unauthorized access.

Best Knife for Every Day Carry

Every Day Carry (EDC) is anything you might carry with you on a daily basis. As the old saying goes, “Don’t leave home without it.” Ideas on what to carry with you will vary, but typically include cash, credit cards, ID, phone, first aid kit, your firearm, and your knife. The knife is a tool that covers a lot of uses. It gives you many abilities including hunting, making things and even protecting yourself. Knives are great because they never run out of bullets and even a dull serrated blade will do some serious damage. You can hit at minimum with the blunt end as well as use the sharp end to thrust, nick, cut, and tear. The knife is also a widely excepted tool allowing you to carry it just about anywhere you go. This makes the knife a must when it comes to all aspects of your EDC.

Intimate Partner Violence: The Facts

By Sandra Kozero. Here are some awakening facts about intimate partner violence (IPV). The statistics are staggering, and while we continue to train women to protect themselves based on stranger violence outside the home, we must educate them on the dangers of sleeping with the enemy.

Dry Fire Safety Rules

Dry Fire Practice can be a great way to improve your skills; however, you must exercise extreme caution when pulling the trigger in your home. It is critical that you follow these five dry-fire safety rules.

Establish a Safe Direction

Anytime you are handling a firearm, you must follow the 4 Rules of Gun Safety with great care. When you’re at a range, it’s very clear what is down range, but what if you are at your home, a hotel, a classroom, or somewhere else where you have to manipulate your firearm? Rounds go through walls and can leave houses and buildings. If you’re not in a place with a proper backstop, you must establish what is a safe direction that can minimize damage if a round was accidentally discharged.

Understanding the OODA Loop

Lt. Col. John Boyd is considered by some to be one of the greatest military strategists of all time. He served as a fighter pilot in the Korean War, but is known for his concepts for fighter tactics and designs. He published many theories, but his most significant contribution was one incredible strategic tool: the OODA Loop — Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. If you can keep changing the scenario on the bad guy before he can get through his loop, then you win.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is fun with costumes, candy, and parties! Here are safety tips for families and adults, so put your Halloween plan in place.

We Are Fighting the Wrong Battle

By LeAnne Farmer, Vista CA. As a woman and a mother, how could I possibly still be pro-2A following Las Vegas? Don’t I care about the innocent lives lost? Am I a cold-blooded, heartless gun-clinger who is out of touch with reality? These are questions that I feel deserve to be addressed.

When Disaster Strikes — And You’re Unarmed

When disaster strikes, it can be very motivating to buying your first gun. We find ourselves vulnerable to Mother Nature, our infrastructure (power, levies, etc.), and the unknown. You may have never considered getting a firearm, but now feel open to the idea. Your story is mine.

AG & AG Travel Checklist

You have booked your trip, arranged for your furbabies, stressed about your children, thought about having your mail stopped and plants watered by a friend. There are a few more things you can do before you leave to ensure you have a calm experience and a safe trip.

Shooting While Pregnant or Nursing

Shooting is a perishable skill, so 9 months to 3 years is a long time to go without pressing the trigger. If you shoot reducing lead, noise, and contaminants; or choose safer training options for pregnant and nursing moms.

Gun Safety Rules

When manipulating a firearm, there are four universal safety rules that must ALWAYS be obeyed. When these four rules are followed, accidents can be minimized. Negligent discharges of a firearm can result in death or serious injury when these rules are not followed. Every shooter should know and be able to recite the 4 Rules of Gun Safety.

Keeping Hydrated in the Winter Months

As an Arctic surge moves down across the U.S. many areas of the country will be seeing record lows; however, shooters will still be heading out to matches and events at various gun ranges. AG & AG members who have attended Conference sessions with Lonestar Medic Caleb Causey know the importance of staying hydrated in […]