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Ruger LCP Max: A Monster of a Micro Gun

Ruger’s redesign of the iconic LCP hits it out of the ballpark. They have taken the needs of their self-defense minded consumers to advance the sights, trigger and grip, just to name a few improvements, and produced a micro compact pistol that you actually enjoy shooting, therefore practice with more. It continues to lead the market in concealability by keeping it slim, short barreled, light and sleek. On top of all the great features of this pistol, I am thrilled that it is American made by a company known for reliable, long lasting firearms. With the price point of just under $450, this is a pistol every self-defense carrier should invest in.

Review: OZARK Armament Rail-Mounted TFL-1-R LED

Fifi Raymond took a test drive of the OZARK Armament Rail-Mounted TFL-1-R LED. It’s a good light-weight firearm rail light that offers several features that she found useful. In this article, she reviews the pros and cons.

A “Girly Girl’s” Take on the Gen II IWB/Pocket Remora Holster

By Barb Miller. This review of the new generation Remora low-profile, no-clip, IWB holster is coming strictly from a female perspective, and I’ve been as open and honest as possible in giving these holsters a fair shake. They are pretty amazing, well made, easy to use, offer comfort, and safety. The magazine holder did its job well and was small enough for me to put in my pocket. There are certainly times when these holsters will absolutely fit the bill!

Review: Zuca Range Cart

By Sandy Kozero. The uses for Zuca range carts are endless: conferences, 3-gun, and shotgun field sports just to name a few. (Check out their web site for other industries they specialize in.) As the company dives further into the shooting industry, each year they come out with better ways to help us carry our equipment. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Magneato Magnetic MK-1 Holster Review

By Sandra Kozero. The Magneato holster did a great job at a great price. It kept my pistol safe and where I placed it. The trick is not in the holster, but in the waistband of the pants. I will definitely add the Magneato to my daily holster options and use it when a belt is not available due to my outfit.

Dene Adams Body Shaping Thigh Holster Shorts Helps You Welcome in Spring

One of those options for carrying under a longer skirt or sundress is the Dene Adams Body Shaping Thigh Holster Shorts. I initially had a few concerns. Would the fabric be heavy and hot, feeling like a girdle? Would the trigger be safely covered in a fabric holster? I’m happy to say I can answer “no” to the first question and “yes” to the second.

Book Review: The Dry Fire Primer

By Sandra Kozero. Anyone who would like to include dry fire into their overall shooting routine should read The Dry Fire Primer. It will save you the time of learning these effective dry fire strategies on your own and help you be successful from your first dry fire practice to incorporating these skills at the range.

Book Review: The Gift of Fear

By Sandra Kozero. The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence is a must-read for anyone who owns a firearm for protection against personal and family threats of violence. We must be able to differentiate between, and correctly respond to, actual life threatening situations and inconsequential head noise. Although de Becker does not challenge our second amendment right, he frequently outlines the possession of firearms as an indicator to violence and even wrote a separate appendix section focusing on “Gun Safety.”

Gear Review: Voodoo Tactical Mini Tobago Backpack

My final analysis is that the Voodoo Tactical Mini Tobago Pack has proven itself to be a great all-around, multi-purpose day pack. It is sturdy and roomy, without being so oversized as to be unwieldy for grab-and-go use. But it also has the features of a much larger “tactical” pack, making it capable and organized where other daypacks fail. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up.

CMMG “Converts” Me to .22LR

This clever little CMMG adapter has allowed me to give new life to my old AR friend. She isn’t a safe-orphan anymore. She is now a ridiculously fun little plinker, which will get much more use in monthly steel matches than the other gun does in thrice yearly 3-Gun.

Changing the Rules for Tools

I usually come back from SHOT Show with a list of guns I want to buy, but this year was different. This year I found a NEW favorite thing, and it’s NOT a gun! Believe it or not – it’s a phone case. But it’s not the case itself that makes me so excited. It’s what the case holds that makes me happy. This phone case holds … tools! This set-up is from Klecker Knives and Tools and they’re called Stowaway Tools. These tools (up to four at a time) take up no more room than my traditional phone case already does, and my phone never leaves my body while I am awake, so I am more prepared for emergencies now without any extra hassle. And the piece de resistance: real tweezers! I’m telling you, Leatherman tweezers are wholly inadequate for use by a middle-age female.

Is the Glock 42 the Ultimate Carry Option for Women?

Here’s my simple answer – it depends. Let me explain. First of all, this is not a discussion of stopping power and caliber. I want to talk about size, ease of carry, ease of use, and dependability. I am a small woman, and a “mature” (read: 56-years-old) woman. My hands are very small and I […]

The GunBox Handgun Storage

Using RF and biometric entry options, The GunBox allows you to have assurance that your handgun is stored safely but able to be retrieved quickly and most importantly, responsibly.

Train to Defend: A Review of Winchester Train and Defend Ammunition

By Sandra Kozero During a recent A Girl and A Gun/Cornered Cat Instructor Development course, I was able to get my hands on a couple boxes of Winchester’s new Train and Defend ammunition in 9mm. The idea behind this “W” line is that it will allow shooters to train with a nearly identical recoil round […]

Where Have All the Pockets Gone?

by Kendra Vandervalk: Risking Health, Liberty, and Sanity in Search of the Perfect Pair of Pocket Carry Jeans Several months ago, my husband and I were hard at work in Kohl’s in search of the unicorn of pants: plus-sized stretchy boot-cut jeans in short length with pockets deep enough to hold a gun. We’d already […]

Remora Holsters Product Review

Review By Teresa Redden, Southern Indiana Chapter of A Girl & A Gun: We know how much you like being able to carry your pistol for protection, but do you take the extra effort to carry it on your person? The excuses women come up with are certainly valid, such as not being able to […]

A Look at Rhino Revolvers

Julianna had the opportunity to test fire the Rhino at SHOT Show 2013, it was a fun gun to shoot for sure! Italian gun maker Chiappa designed the totally revolutionary Rhino Revolver to significantly reduce recoil and muzzle flip. The Rhino fires from the bottom chamber of the cylinder (6:00 position) and not the conventional […]