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How to Build an AR-15 Rifle

Just like kids can “Build-a-Bear” at the mall, you can “Build-an-AR” with A Girl & A Gun! More specifically, in this video you will learn how to build a Stag 15 Tactical rifle. Armorers from Stag Arms will walk you step-by-step through the process as you build your own custom rifle. You’ll learn the design, […]

Cover vs. Concealment

If you are ever in a position where you have to duck to avoid bullets whizzing by you — maybe a home invasion or active shooter at your place of employment or in a public place — escape if it is safe to do so. If fleeing is not an option, you need to quickly find concealment and cover. While both concealment and cover are important, knowing the difference between these methods is critical to your survival.

3 Ways to Train During COVID19

Even though you’re practicing social distancing, keep your mind and body sharp with regards to your marksmanship and situational awareness skills. Here are some ways to keep your skills sharp while you’re at home.

Instructor Spotlight: Dave Miller

Dave Miller holds the Guinness World Record for The Most Sporting Clays Targets Shot in 1 hour. Dave smashed 3,653 clays – more than one per second for one hour straight! Dave is the Shotgun Product Manager & Pro-Shooter for premium gun manufacturer CZ-USA. He is respected as one of the most knowledgeable and skill […]

Clean Your Firearms

Each time a gun is fired, carbon residue builds up within the bore and barrel. Over time, this build-up negatively affects bullet trajectory and gun performance. Shooting dirty guns can result in malfunctions and permanent damage.

Instructor Spotlight: Michelle Cerino

Michelle Cerino, aka Princess Gunslinger, is a sponsored competitive shooter and teaches alongside her husband Chris in their company, Cerino Consulting and Training Group. Michelle is a columnist and Managing and Social Media Editor of Women’s Outdoor News and freelance writer for a number of publications. Michelle encourages others to step out of the comforts of home and explore. For as Glinda, the Good Witch of the North once said, “You’ve always had the power … you just had to find it out for yourself.”

Instructor Spotlight: Mark Suchy

Mark Suchy is a Patrol Sergeant with the West Palm Beach Police Department and has served at that agency for the past 27 years. Mark is currently in charge of the Field Training Program. He was a member of the S.W.A.T. Team for 15 years, serving as an Entry Team Member, Sniper, Sniper Team Leader, […]

Instructor Spotlight: Rachel Maloney

Rachel Maloney is a co-founder and instructor with OnSight Firearms Training. Through the years, she has been fortunate enough to train with top-tier firearms instructors, edged-weapon instructors, and martial arts instructors. Along with firearms, she is a dedicated martial artist and instructor, leading martial arts and self-defense courses since 2010. Taking to the range the skills learned from years of working with people of all ages, genders, and personalities to overcome in a physical confrontation, it’s her goal to see her students grow and learn the skills to be confident in their training with firearms.

Instructor Spotlight: Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson is a practicing attorney and teaches legal studies at the University of Memphis. After years of fearing guns, she started taking classes and changed her views. She now blogs about law, race, and modern (mis)perceptions on firearms through her website, Front Sight Press. Tiffany is an NRA Training Counselor and holds instructor certifications […]

Instructor Spotlight: Tracy Barnes

Tracy Barnes is the co-founder and CEO of T.O.P. Shooting Institute, founder of Check Outside and is an Olympian in the sport of Biathlon (cross-country skiing & rifle marksmanship). Tracy has 25 years of competitive shooting experience in both precision long gun, shooting with an elevated heart rate and under stress, and 3 gun. She […]

Instructor Spotlight: Vicki Farnam

Vicki Farnam has been teaching firearms for over 25 years with her husband, John Farnam. She is an accomplished Instructor (for civilians and mil/leo) and author. Vicki has also taught for the U.S. Marine Corps; at numerous women’s defensive shooting training conferences; at local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and academies; and at both the ILEETA and ILEFAI conferences.

A Girl & A Gun Conference Revolutionizes Training

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League is once again breaking barriers for women and girls. For the past seven years, the organization’s National Conference has offered 34 simultaneous live-fire training sessions over 3.5 days for 450 women. This year the 8th National Conference Presented by SIG SAUER will achieve something even more incredible: it will offer training to participants around the country through a new digital platform.

How to Introduce Your Kids to Your First Gun

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is making many families rethink their family safety plans. If you have made the choice to purchase a firearm for home or self defense, it may spur questions from your children or you may be looking for how to best introduce your children to a new gun in the home. This article helps you navigate these conversations.

How to Store Your Firearms

Part of being a responsible gun owner is properly securing your firearm at all times. When you purchase your first firearm, you should be researching the training classes that you want to take on how to safely and proficiently use it, and also consider the safe or storage options you are going to use to secure it.

Coronavirus and Violence at Home

Part of the culture of A Girl & A Gun is empowering women and families with the ability to take control of their person safety. The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for resources in our community for those who may face violence during the shelter-in-place mandates.

Ammo Basics

If you are heading to a Girl’s Night Out at the range, you will need to get full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds.

How to Load a Pistol Magazine

New shooters can be frustrated when loading their pistol magazines. In this video Tatiana Whitlock offers some tips and techniques for how to easily insert ammo cartridges into a magazine.

Officers Attend 2nd Annual ‘Back the Women in Blue’ Presented by GLOCK

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) hosted eleven law enforcement officers for the 2nd Annual ‘Back the Women in Blue’ Presented by GLOCK. The event took place Sept 25-28 in North Texas at the Texas Handgun Academy in Dallas and Mission 160 Range in Whitewright. Participants included female officers, deputies, constables, and troopers representing large municipalities, rural counties, and state agencies from five different states.

Trigger Control

Trigger control is the act of manipulating the trigger to fire the gun without disturbing your sight alignment. A pistol shooter may become frustrated if her shots are always slightly off center, so one place to troubleshoot is your trigger press. The shooter should press the trigger smoothly so that the sights remain on the […]

6 Defensive Concepts That Competitive Shooting Teaches You

There are pros and cons of competitive shooting sports as they relate to defensive firearms training. The bottom line is that competitive shooting sports will not replace self-defense training. Even though shooting matches can mimic real-life scenarios, time on the shot timer it is not real life and paper targets are not shooting back. However, even in this controlled environment, competitive shooting remains one of the most effective ways to hone your gun handling and marksmanship skills. In order to be effective in a defensive situation involving your firearm, you must be proficient these six fundamental concepts that are strengthened by participation in competitive shooting sports.

Keeping Kids Safe: Gun Storage

By Sandra Kozero. Responsible citizens who own firearms understand that this decision comes with the enormous responsibility of knowing that this chunk of metal and springs can cause serious injury, if not death, to living things. Regardless of why people own firearms, guns absolutely MUST be safely secured from the underaged, the uniformed, and the unlawful (minors, people who do not know how to safely operate firearms, and criminals). This article is aimed at protecting our children – all our children; however the same techniques can also be used to secure firearms from other unauthorized access.

Review: Zuca Range Cart

By Sandy Kozero. The uses for Zuca range carts are endless: conferences, 3-gun, and shotgun field sports just to name a few. (Check out their web site for other industries they specialize in.) As the company dives further into the shooting industry, each year they come out with better ways to help us carry our equipment. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Sandy’s Adventures at 2018 NRAAM

By Sandy Kozero. As I crash into bed after my full day of hiking, my mind still hears the low rumble of the crowd and my thighs burn numb. I am glad that my friend convinced me to attend the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. Next time the NRAAM is within a 5-hour drive of San Antonio, you can bet that I will be there, not for just one day, but for the entire 3-day event.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Shooting

Shooting different platforms of firearms builds physical discipline, as well as increased strength, stamina, hand/eye coordination, and fine and gross motor skills. Here are some benefits of shooting that not only make you better athlete, but enjoy a healthier life.

Invite a New Shooter to the Range

Any time is a great time to invite a friend to the range. Especially if he or she is a nonshooter or antigunner, introducing your friend to gun safety is always rewarding for everyone. Before you take a new shooter to the range, plan using this checklist so that you give her the best experience possible.