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Stay Safe on New Year’s Eve

If you’re preparing to sing Auld Lang Syne with friends and family on New Year’s Eve, make sure that your safety plan is in place. Keep Your Head on a Swivel in Public Because of COVID, many large gatherings have been reduced in capacity; however, if you venture out, remember to be aware of your […]

Book Report: Concealed Carry Class

I recommend that you read Concealed Carry Class: The ABCs of Self-Defense Tools if you carry a gun for self-defense and would like to be more informed as to the many aspects involved with doing so, whether you are just getting started or have been carrying for years, there is much to learn and consider, and this book should be part of your library to guide you on that path. This book is filled with so much content, data, and great information. It’s a book you want on your shelf to be able to pull down and read again and again, and you will always get something more out of it each time you do so.

Gifting a Firearm: Do’s and Don’ts

You want to make your gun girl have the greatest joy over the holidays! If you’re wanting to give her a firearm, there are some factors to consider. First and foremost, when thinking about gifting a firearm you must know without a doubt that that person is legally and morally able to assume the inherent responsibilities and obligations of firearms ownership. This article offers some dos and don’ts to help you with your gift giving.

Top 10 Gifts for the Gun Girl in Your Life

When shopping for the firearm enthusiasts in your life, the possibilities are endless! There are so many items that you could wrap up with a pretty bow on top! Here are our Top 10 when it comes to a gift guide you could use all year round!

November 2021 Recap

In November 2021, A Girl & A Gun added new chapters, new host ranges, new training programs — and engaged a lot of paper turkey targets! We continued our steady growth in 2021, despite the holiday breaks and seasonal travel. Here are our highlights for November 2021!

A Girl & A Gun Cadre Grows with USCCA

“We are proud to officially partner with USCCA and to bring more of their industry-leading curriculum and services to our members and their communities,” Sandoval said. “Our organizations have a shared mission of providing quality training to help responsibly armed citizens protect their families.”

Are You Being Profiled?

After a Girl’s Night Out of shooting, AG & AG member Kara was excited to join her chapter members for dinner at a nearby restaurant.  Although Kara concealed her range bags in her vehicle, parked close to the front in a well-lit high-traffic area of the parking lot, and did everything right to prevent the “random” occurrence of parking lot break ins, it still happened. 

Review: Mantis Laser Academy

The Mantis Laser Academy is a dry-fire laser training system, built around smart targets that support automatic detection and scoring, using the Laser Academy app and the camera on a smartphone. The app provides drills that are built to enhance shooting performance in both marksmanship and speed. It records sessions and stores them for historical reference and analysis.

Your Feedback Matters: Simulators

Virtual simulators can provide an added value for a range or firearms training environment. Similar to a high-end video gaming system, a simulator can also provide an educational experience for some students. Please give us feedback on your experience using these systems.

The Right to Keep Arms Beyond Firearms

Many, if not most, gun girls are also blade girls. A knife is a tool that has a lot of uses, from getting into Amazon boxes to hunting/shelter making, and even protecting yourself. Knives are great because they never run out of ammunition and even a dull serrated blade will do some serious damage. Every […]

What Is Your Ideal Gun Shop?

We received an inquiry from Tim and Jeanette Blakeley, who are building a gun store with the goal of it being “the perfect gun shop for women.” Tim is no stranger to life at the range. He is former law enforcement and served an 18-month deployment in Afghanistan. He is the author of “Shooting to […]

October 2021 Recap

In October, A Girl & A Gun crisscrossed the country for training and matches, bringing new opportunities for women to learn and compete. As always, we were movers and shakers in the firearms industry! Here are our highlights for October 2021.

Documenting Your Firearms

There are many reasons why asking gun owners to draft a comprehensive list of their possessions strikes fear in their hearts. Not only would their homes be targets for theft, but being listed on a national or public registry causes tremendous concern of target taxation or worse, confiscation. However, there are also many reasons why […]

Third Quarter 2021 Match Winners Announced

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) proudly announces the winners of the 2021 3rd Quarter League Match. There was an outstanding turnout of members participating this quarter. Congratulations to all who participated during these challenging times.

Texas Chapters Tackle Scenarios

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, ten A Girl & A Gun members from the Cypress, Pearland, and Spring TX Chapters attended a one-day training session with Texas Combat Systems at the Impact Zone in Hempstead, TX. The goal of the training was to tackle scenarios that mimic real-life events that may occur in one’s home […]

A Look at Legal Coverage

For the last decade there have been a significant number of organizations established that provide traditional style insurance or membership programs with access to attorneys for the specific purpose of defense of person or property while using a firearm or any legal weapon. At first you may think that this coverage is not necessary, but […]

Your Feedback Matters: Safe Storage Options

As the firearms industry technology evolves, so do our options for safe storage options. Your feedback is important so that the industry can develop products that fit the need for accessibility and security. A new manufacturer is developing a device that prevents unauthorized access of the handgun while empowering the user to boldly carry, transport […]

September 2021 Recap

A Girl & A Gun shattered more records in September 2021! Our National Conference sold out in 46 hours, we gave back to law enforcement with an exceptional training event for officers, we were honored to be invited to several speaking engagements and events, and we kicked off our Fall Festival. Here are our highlights for September.

Not Your Mama’s Match: Ladies Triumph at Fall Fest 2021

AUSTIN – ( — The only all-ladies multigun match in the country included technical courses of fire, a variety of props and gear requirements, and challenging stages. Eighty-seven women competed at the 6th Annual A Girl & A Gun Fall Festival that took place from Sept 28 – Oct 3, 2021, at the Lucas Cattle Company […]

Mantis Laser Academy Review

I don’t know about you, but dry firing can be pretty boring and monotonous. I’m always looking for something to make it more fun, otherwise I can’t ever even do it for 15 minutes.  So, when the opportunity to review the Mantis Laser Academy standard kit came up, it was at a perfect time. I […]

Officers Attend 5th Annual ‘Back the Women in Blue’ Presented by GLOCK

AUSTIN — A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) hosted 14 law enforcement officers for the 5th Annual ‘Back the Women in Blue’ Presented by GLOCK. The event took place Sept 15-17, 2021, at the Round Rock Public Safety Training Center. Participants included female officers and deputies representing large and small […]

Top 10 Female Shooters

Recently I was approached by a gentleman whose wife was beginning to show interest in shooting. He wanted to introduce her to women who are “the best shooters.” I tried to explain that being “the best” was a relatively subjective term, and there are many different types of shooting sports and activities, so it is difficult to compare across genres. However, I compiled a list of 10 exceptional women shooters that everyone should know.

Central Utah Chapter Thinks Outside the Box

The Central Utah A Girl & A Gun chapter offered a wide variety of training opportunities throughout 2020. Facilitator Coni Brooks introduced members to different firearms platforms, shooting sports, safety skills, and life skills, and had a great time doing it!

League City Chapter Lit Up the Range

December brought exciting activities for the League City, TX Chapter of A Girl & A Gun. The chapter continued its tradition of lighting up holiday targets! Fourteen members shot at specially made targets, and then put in Christmas lights in the holes. The chapter shot tree targets last year, so this year they made wreath targets.

Helping Women at the Gun Counter

When a woman consumer approaches your gun counter, be welcoming! She may be an educated consumer or she may be new to firearms – either way, help her have a positive experience.

Racking Your Pistol Slide

Many women lack the arm and hand strength of men, and this can be very evident at the gun counter. It is not only frustrating for some women, but it can be embarrassing, too. However, knowing the right techniques, women can rack the slides of most guns very easily.

Flagler County FL Chapter Growing

The Flagler County, FL, Chapter kicked off in September with their first Meet & Greet, and Facilitator Kathleen Robinson has created a great community of training and friendship. Kathleen recently sent a newsletter to the chapter members giving highlights of the past few months.

NJ Chapter Off to Strong Start

Facilitator Ronnie Seigel says of the women of New Jersey, “They are taking the ride of their lives!” The New Jersey chapter has more than thirty members, with three ladies earning training credentials to serve on Ronnie’s A-Team, which help her lead the chapter. The chapter’s holiday shoot included instruction on target transitions and then […]